How to apply for a bank application and get a loan without information and guarantors

In Russia, more and more organizations are opening, giving money for temporary use to citizens. Representatives of such companies rarely agree to complete a transaction without documents confirming the solvency of the borrower. In UBRD and other banks, you can get a loan without inquiries and guarantors for consumer needs in cash by providing one passport.

Types of loans without personal income tax and guarantors

A consumer loan that does not need collateral implies that a citizen should not provide a bank or other financial institution with a pledge, all kinds of documents or other guarantees when it takes money for temporary use. Given that this is fraught with great risks, the lender sets a high interest rate and a minimum repayment period not exceeding 5-6 months. Unsecured loans include:

  • credit cards;
  • consumer cash loans;
  • microloans.

With a car loan and a mortgage, the pledge is property that a citizen provides to the organization in order to confirm the return of large amounts. Overdraft is popular among legal entities. With such a loan, you can spend money above the established limit. Such a loan without collateral can be obtained for 1 year. The minimum rate on it will be 15%.

Credit cards

The limit for this product is set depending on the degree of privilege of the credit card. The amount on the card is enough not only for the purchase of any trifles, but also for large purchases. The main disadvantage of credit cards is high interest. During the withdrawal of funds at the ATM, additional commission fees will be charged, so customers of financial companies rarely use this service. You can get a credit card at any bank in Moscow.


This product is offered by microfinance organizations. Microloans represent a small amount of cash issued at high interest rates. To use this service, it is not necessary to have a positive credit history. A potential client must write an application, providing a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Approval of the application takes 5-10 minutes. For a long period, taking money from MFIs is unprofitable.

Consumer cash loan

This product is offered by Binbank, Home Credit Bank, Promsvyazbank and other financial companies. With a consumer loan, they give out money to solve various household problems, from home repair to the acquisition of new equipment. Financial companies offer customers a variety of lending programs that differ from each other in the following characteristics:

  1. Amount. The size of the loan can be several thousand rubles or a couple of million.
  2. Conditions. There is always a section with maximum and minimum interest rates in loan descriptions. A specific figure is established after analysis of the solvency of the client.
  3. Requirements for the borrower. A loan in 90% of cases is available only to able-bodied citizens of the Russian Federation.
  4. Documentation. A citizen will have to present a passport for identification. The second document may be a military ID, employment record, etc.

Unemployed cash loans without income certificates are issued very rarely. Official employment is one of the main criteria for receiving money at a bank office. As an exception, people with salary cards of the selected financial institution can get a loan without inquiries and guarantors. Confirmation of customer solvency are account statements.

Car loans

All citizens of Russia whose age exceeds 21 years can get a target loan for the purchase of vehicles. Lenders set rates for such products lower than for consumer loans. This is due to the fact that the purchased car acts as a guarantee. Before completing the transaction, the client must carefully read the loan agreement. There are detailed annual interest and commission in case of delay in monthly payments.


Sberbank and other companies offer young families favorable credit conditions for obtaining a loan for the purchase of housing. You can apply for a mortgage without proof of income by banking form. The main condition for granting a loan is to make a large down payment, but you can avoid the procedure for providing certificates. The term of payment does not exceed 30 years.

What you need to get a cash loan without inquiries and guarantors

A citizen must have property that he can mortgage, or a salary card in the institution where he wants to get a loan. First you need to study the features of lending in several financial institutions in order to choose the most profitable option. Attention should be paid to the terms of early repayment of debt. Some organizations charge extra interest for this procedure. To obtain a loan without inquiries and guarantors, you may need:

  • driver's license;
  • SNILS;
  • payment card details;
  • account number in the financial institution where the money will be transferred.

By passport

This service can be used by holders of an account or payment card in a particular bank. Before approving the issuance of a loan, representatives of a financial institution will receive statements. The client will have to read the terms of payment and put his signature on the contract. If we are talking about MFIs, then the citizen needs to show, in addition to the passport, another document confirming his identity.

On the security of a car

Large credit organizations rarely provide this service. More often a loan secured by a car with a quick clearance is provided by microfinance organizations. They compensate for the high risks with large interest rates. The car can remain with the client, then the TCP is transferred to the MFI, or go to a special parking lot. In the second case, the percentage will be lower, and the amount issued will be greater. When applying for a loan through a pawnshop every month, interest is accrued for the extension of the contract.

Secured by real estate

Financial institutions willingly give out a loan if the client pledges an apartment or a cottage. This is due to the fact that the risks of such a transaction are minimized, because in case of delays, you can sell the property and get the money back. A loan is issued both target and non-target. As collateral, a land plot, a garage, an office and other liquid real estate may be accepted. Its official owner must be a borrower.

Lending terms

The interest rate for such loans will be higher than for a standard transaction. A loan without certificates of income and guarantors cannot be taken for a long term. It is issued for a maximum of 1 year, but some financial institutions can provide money for 3 years if they are approached by a payroll client. In fact, a citizen will still have to confirm solvency through extracts from his own accounts. Banks offer customers the following loan conditions:

  • interest rate reduction by 3 times with consecutive payment of debt for 6 months;
  • zero commission for the issuance of money;
  • Possibility of a client choosing a debt repayment date every month;
  • free credit card;
  • accepting payments in various ways.

Interest rate

The overpayment on loans without references and guarantors is very large. The average interest rate at banks is 38%. MFIs charge a fine every day. Its average value is 1%. It is possible to reduce the interest rate at the bank if the client is his regular customer or has already issued a loan there. Pawnshops set a rate of about 10% per month. Every 30 days there is a prolongation. For it, pawnshops charge an additional commission of up to 10%.

Term and amount

The amount of the loan rarely exceeds 200,000 rubles for customers who decide to apply for the first time in a selected bank loan. If a citizen will make payments on time, then next time he will be able to borrow up to 1-2 million rubles. MFI gives its clients no more than 50,000 rubles. Lending terms will depend on the amount taken, the solvency of the client and the size of the creditor organization:

  • banks issue a loan for 6-36 months;
  • MFIs - for 30-40 days;
  • Pawnshops - for 3-8 months.

Borrower Requirements

The procedure for obtaining a loan is associated with the collection of documents. In many banks, the main requirement for the borrower is the availability of a salary card for their organization. It should be replenished for 4-5 months. The minimum age of a borrower to receive a loan is 21 years. Some organizations lend money to people over 18 years of age. The list of standard requirements for a potential customer is as follows:

  • the presence of permanent or temporary registration in the city where a citizen is going to take money for a certain period;
  • age should not be more than 60 years;
  • work experience - not less than 1 year.

The borrower may be denied if loan delinquencies have been previously noticed. Banks and other financial organizations try not to get in touch with citizens whose age will soon reach retirement. Employees of financial institutions can arrange an additional check of the borrower by calling his former or current manager to determine the amount of wages.

Where to get a loan without income certificate

A citizen can apply for this service to a bank or an MFI. In the first case, the interest rate will be lower, and the payment terms - longer. However, one of the prerequisites for obtaining a loan at a bank without income statement is the presence of an account or a payment card in it. Microfinance organizations do not require any certificates to issue money from citizens, so you can contact them if you need a small amount for a short period.

The best offers of banks

Credit organizations often offer to take a consumer loan at high interest rates. The best conditions for concluding an agreement are provided to salary clients, while other individuals receive a loan without any benefits and bonuses. Having familiarized with the table below, any person will be able to understand which bank is better to take a loan from, and where it is undesirable to apply:


The name of the program



Minimum amount (rubles)

Maximum amount (rubles)

Post Bank

First postal with guaranteed rate


Up to 60 months



Credit Bank of Moscow

For any purpose


Up to 15 years



Bank Renaissance Credit

More documents - lower rates


Up to 60 months





Up to 60 months




For everything about everything without proof of income


Up to 36 months



Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Minute business


Up to 60 months



For payroll card holders


Up to 84 months



OTP Bank



Up to 24 months




State employee


Up to 60 months





Up to 60 months



Orient Express Bank



Up to 36 months




Pension Plus


Up to 36 months



MTS Bank

For MTS subscribers


Up to 24 months



Without proof of income in MFIs

When money is urgently needed, a person is ready to go anywhere to purchase the necessary amount. Instant loans can be obtained from microfinance organizations. One of the advantages of such enterprises is that you can leave an online application, which will be viewed as soon as possible. Loans are issued to citizens with a bad credit history. They set an increased interest rate. The ranking of the best MFIs in Moscow is as follows:

  1. Zimer. Money is provided for 30 days, and the rate is 0.63% per day.
  2. Credit 24. A loan is issued for 30 days, the rate is 1.9% per day.
  3. Manimen. You can borrow money for 126 days at a rate of 0.76% per day.
  4. MigCredit. The established amount is issued for a period of up to 336 days with a rate of 0.48% per day.
  5. Pay P.S. A loan is provided for 25 days, the rate is 1.8% per day.

How to get a loan without information

A citizen must contact the service or bank where he is going to borrow money. Before contacting the company, you need to study the list of necessary documents. To get a loan without inquiries and guarantors, you need to fill out a borrower application online or at a financial institution. The speed of verification of the application depends on the selected loan program. Applications for express loans are considered in 10-15 minutes, and verification of documents for a consumer loan takes up to 2-3 days.

Online application without income statement

You can leave a loan application through the site at many banks in Russia. There is also a loan calculator. With its help, you can calculate the amount of overpayment. You can apply for a full loan online without a certificate of income only in MFIs. Other financial organizations will ask the citizen to visit their office to present the original documents and receive cash.

What documents are needed

A citizen will have to present his passport of the Russian Federation, a driver’s license or SNILS in order to get a loan without certificates and guarantors. Be sure to specify the details of the account opened in another organization, or card number. If, by mistake of the borrower, the money is sent to another person, the financial institution will not refund it. The bank has the right to require one of the additional documents:

  • extract from a card or bank account;
  • extract from the RF PF;
  • pension certificate where the amount of the pension is indicated.

Is it possible to get a loan without references and guarantors with bad credit history

In large financial organizations, such a client will be refused when applying. Banks do not like to deal with citizens who constantly miss the debt repayment date. In MFIs, all people can get cash before salary. It will be necessary to write a statement in free form, and then submit a package of documents. It is necessary to pay off the debt before the deadline set by the contract, otherwise the company will begin to charge double interest every day.

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