Wedding dress as a guest for girls

A properly selected wedding dress as a guest must meet all the requirements: the type of female silhouette, length and dress code specified in the invitation. Empire, Chicago, retro, Provence, vintage - a monolook of evening toilets - a fashionable trend of the current season. Bright shoes in a contrasting color or metallic will add a peppercorn to the style decision. The main task - the outfit should focus on the merits of the appearance of its owner.

Features of the wedding dress code

The main types of wedding dress code provide certain requirements for the selection of furniture for the upcoming celebration. It depends on many factors, including:

  • The format of the wedding. The strict official dress code is based on a black and white color palette. Semi formal implies freedom of choice of clothing for guests. The main rule is the presence of certain elements in the outfit corresponding to the wedding format. A youth dress code favors casual wear. As part of a theme wedding, specific outfits and accessories are welcome.
  • The color of the celebration. Wedding attire for guests depends on the color palette chosen by the newlyweds.
  • Time of the year. In summer, any variation is appropriate. In the autumn-winter period, it is better to avoid spectacular dresses, blouses with an open back.

In the case when the newlyweds do not limit the wedding to the strict framework of the dress code, certain rules for the formation of a festive image should be followed:

  • White color is the prerogative of the bride.
  • Ban overly explicit, vulgar outfits.
  • Exclusion of clothing gloomy colors.
  • Black color + bright accessories, metallic or shiny shoes.
  • Beautiful wedding dresses for guests should be comfortable.

Wedding Dresses for Girls

The choice of dresses for the wedding depends on the format of the celebration, age and characteristics of the figure. Cocktail dresses will allow young girls to look original, fashionable and stylish. Fanciful outfits with a long skirt will give the image of sophistication, secular aristocracy, elegance. Unlike the perfect figure, the presence of magnificent forms provides subtleties in choosing a beautiful dress:

  • A-shaped style of the outfit, flowing lightweight fabric with a matte texture, a wide sleeve will visually hide the imperfections of the figure.
  • Choosing a color, you should focus on the noble shades of blue, green, red, burgundy.

Evening dresses

The ideal outfit for the status of the girlfriend of the bride is a "little black dress" in the style of Coco Chanel. A duet with contrasting accessories is an example of elegance. For an honorary role as a witness, a classic open evening gown of ballet length in light tones is perfect. Focusing on the collarbone, back and ankles, it will make the image sophisticated and touching.

Straight narrow dresses of sand, sky blue, pale pink shades are suitable for creating a restrained evening bow. The outfits of lace texture with sparkles will look spectacular. The original cut of the Mallet dress is distinguished by a multi-level openwork hem. For several seasons in a row, pleated pleats, complex draperies.

Cocktail dresses for the wedding

Dresses made of pastel lace are the favorites of fashion designers this season. Sophisticated draperies and unbanal cut will look luxurious. Complex textures are welcomed in the choice of fabric - velvet, shiny brocade, flowing silk. A hem of shiny sequin scales, the presence of jazz fringe and the multi-layered effect of rose petals are a real work of art. The solemn short outfit should be complemented with complex hair accessories or wide massive necklaces.

Body Type Selection

When purchasing a dress for a wedding dress code, you should take into account the individual characteristics of the figure. Orientation to a certain type of silhouette will emphasize the beauty of natural forms, hide imperfections:

  • Type "apple". The absence of a waist, the presence of a slightly rounded abdomen - a taboo on a tight fit, trapezoidal styles. Outfits with a V-neck of a free cut will ideally fit the figure.
  • Type "pear". Sheath dresses will look great on lush hips and a thin waist. With insufficient breast volume, options with frills and ruffles in the decollete should be selected.
  • The hourglass type has no strict restrictions. To emphasize the waist, chest, hips, it is better to opt for tight or straight models under the belt.
  • Type "triangle". Visually balancing broad shoulders and narrow hips will help asymmetric cut models.

Dresses for different seasons

Evening dresses made of natural silk, chiffon, velvet, crepe de chine or satin will add splendor to the image. Among the options for winter for young girls are dresses in the floor with the effect of layering. Off-shoulder models should be complemented with fur capes. A fashionable find for the spring and autumn is embroidery with bugles. The delicate openwork decor of the hem, back or neckline will add effect. Original draperies are designed to create volume in a dress made of translucent silk or organza. Leather products are suitable for fall.

Metallic fabrics and dresses embroidered with large sequins are an excellent option for solemn open-air events, which are often held in the summer. The main rule - the style of shiny outfits should be as simplified and modest as possible. In cocktail models, designers emphasize a retro style: open shoulders and a low waist. Refined embroidery with glass beads or beads looks elegant when observing the tone-to-tone option. Models with lush, multi-tiered flounces and intricate bodices are welcome.

Popular outfit colors

The choice of the color of the evening toilet depends on the dress code of the celebration, the season, the individual characteristics of the figure and color type. To buy a wedding dress as a guest:

  • red-haired women are better to choose warm shades of red, green, brown, blue;
  • blondes are perfect scarlet, pink, blue, lilac;
  • brunettes should try on emerald, the color of fuchsia, lavender, mustard.

Noble blue and metallic are the favorites of designers in the presented collections for 2019-2020. Evening dresses made of golden or silver satin look luxurious. Among the monophonic options in the trend are purple, coral, scarlet, turquoise color, gently pastel shades. Fashionable ornaments are represented by abstract, geometric, animalistic prints. Dark-saturated models decorated with metallized or velvet appliques deserve special attention.

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