Types of folding bikes - how to choose, rating of the best models with description and prices

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle are increasingly using a bicycle as their primary means of transportation around the city and for relaxing. Among the existing types of two-wheeled “horses”, a folding bike, such a lightweight, compact Bickerton, is very popular among adults and children. If earlier it had large dimensions, it was difficult to fold, quickly failed, then modern models have become convenient and comfortable in operation. The main thing is to choose the right option.

What is a folding bike

Unlike the standard type of cycle transport, a folding bike has a number of features, one of which is a folding frame. Thanks to a special clamp, the device is assembled in half in seconds. In this form, the bike becomes compact, which allows you to transport it in the trunk of a car or public transport, as well as significantly save space during storage. A folding bike is not capable of developing high speed, however, in some models there are 5-7 speed modes that significantly increase the potential of the bike.

Buy folding bike

Before buying a high-quality and inexpensive collapsible bike, you need to decide on the equipment, type of transmission. Modern online stores offer a wide range of two-wheeled vehicles in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, which can be ordered by mail, by making just one call or by filling out a special form on the website. The prices of folding bicycles depend on technical characteristics, products of well-known brands are much more expensive. To buy cheap bike equipment at a discount, you need to monitor seasonal sales.


Folding city bikes are designed for trips along city routes and park areas. They do not belong to professional equipment and are often called road equipment. Folding city bike has the following features:

  • closed (male) or open (female) frame;
  • number of gears from 3 to 7;
  • the fork is mounted at an acute angle;
  • wheels with a diameter of 24-28 inches with tires of medium thickness;
  • high landing, unloading hands, spring-loaded saddle;
  • In a set: shields on wheels, chain protection, a step, rear-view mirrors, a luggage carrier.


A powerful, but relatively lightweight, folding mountain bike perfectly overcomes obstacles, is able to pass on impassable roads, forest belt, and hillsides. Its key characteristics are shown on the example of one of the leaders in the ranking of the best mountain bikes:

  • model Soldier 2.5, manufacturer Cronus;
  • approximate retail price - 39-45 thousand rubles;
  • characteristics: aluminum spring-loaded oil fork, folding pedals, chain drive, 27-speed transmission, double rims, hydraulic front disc, rear brake, wheel size 27.5 inches, steel footrest;
  • pluses: compactness, reliability, durability;
  • Cons: the need to regularly tighten the saddle, the chain periodically flies.


Two-wheeled transport is a real find for citizens who lead an active lifestyle. When wondering how to choose a folding bike for an adult, you need to be guided by criteria such as your own height and weight. On many types of bikes, a good adjustment system is installed, thanks to which you can adjust the height of the steering column, seat to individual parameters. Transformers often provide a folding steering wheel, pedals, saddle.


The problem with choosing a bicycle for a child is that young bikers are growing fast. The diameter of the wheels helps to navigate with the size - 12, 14, 16, 18. By technical features, children's options for bicycle equipment have almost no differences, but they have removable additional wheels that increase cushioning and ensure balance. Domestic brands, for example, Desna, are equipped with a convenient foot brake, and on foreign models they also mount a hand brake.


Folding two-wheeled wheels with a small diameter discs are available in limited quantities, as they are considered less comfortable when driving. At the same time, they have an advantage - compactness. Such bikes quickly transform and are assembled in a suitcase. The leader among manufacturers of folding complete sets is Brompton. On the example of one model, we can understand what compact bikes are:

  • Model M6R, manufacturer Brompton;
  • price: 100-110 thousand rubles;
  • specifications: steel frame, non-integrated threaded carriage, rigid fork, aluminum alloy rim, sixteen-inch wheels, 3-speed planetary hub.
  • pluses: lightweight body, hardy rubber, trapezoidal profile, complex tread pattern;
  • Cons: relative noise, when replacing a chain, it is necessary to change the leading star and sprockets.


More recently, a folding bike was distinguished by its solid dimensions and weight. Thanks to innovative technologies, lightweight folding units have appeared, the use of which has become comfortable and convenient. Significant mass is replaced by reliable materials, a strong frame. The advantages of light bicycles:

  • free transportation by personal and any public transport;
  • space saving;
  • long service life;
  • availability of spare parts and accessories;
  • reasonable cost;
  • Beautiful design.?

For women

The anatomical differences between the strong and the weaker sex had an impact on the structure of bike bikes for these categories of people. In this regard, the question arises: how to choose a folding bike for a woman? It is better for women to give preference to lightweight aluminum structures with a lowered frame level, a narrow long steering wheel, a wide rear, and a narrow front seat. Female folding models have a softer suspension, and the two-wheeled vehicle itself is characterized by maneuverability and stability.

How to choose a folding bike

Manufacturers are constantly surprised by improved innovations, so the choice of a folding bike creates certain difficulties. Experts recommend that you be guided by the following principles:

  • Wheel size The larger the diameter, the wider the device’s capabilities. For children, it is worth looking after folding models with 12-16 inch drives. Lightweight and compact bike equipped with wheels of 16-20 inches. The size of the city bike wheels for men and women is 20-26 inches, and that of a mountain bike is 26-28.
  • Destination. If a two-wheeled vehicle is needed for short-term movements on smooth asphalt, then an urban, light and compact bicycle of any age category is suitable for this purpose. When planning often to make long trips on dirt roads, hilly terrain, you should choose a mountain bike.
  • Storage conditions. Weight and size parameters greatly affect the convenience of folding mechanism. You should think about this in advance so that then the long-awaited acquisition does not turn out to be "homeless."
  • Compliance with growth. So that in the process of driving a bicycle only positive emotions arise, the frame and saddle must fit the parameters of a particular person. For girls, bikes with a lowered body are designed, for men - with a rigid frame.
  • Speed ​​mode. Folding singlespeeds are distinguished by the structural strength and practicality of the transmission, they are designed for urban life, leisurely bike rides. If on the way you will encounter lifts and turns, it is better to prefer bicycles with high-speed gears.


Aleksey, 28 years old I bought a folding Strida LT in 2015, since then I have not parted with it. Comfortable, quickly assembled, I carry with me on the subway. High-quality assembly, weight 12.5 kg. It develops good speed on city roads. The belt drive is silent and reliable. I bought it for 29 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable for folding transport.
Vitaliy, 23 years old. Love of hiking and hiking made me buy a suitable folding mountain bike. I chose a Merida folding mountain bike with shock absorbers and wide tires for better off-road driving. I went in the rain - the adhesion to the surface is excellent. The only negative is the high price, but it is fully justified.
Svetlana, 25 years old FoldX Low Step 20 folding bike was purchased last summer. Small dimensions, the ability to adjust the steering unit and seats for growth. Sensitive foot brake. I store it in the pantry, takes up little space. It is mainly suitable for short trips on flat roads, you can’t go to the village or a long journey.

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