BCAA slimming women - how to take in powder or capsules, the benefits and harms of amino acids

In order to quickly and productively get rid of extra pounds, to get a sports figure, you need to use BCAA for weight loss - natural amino acids in the form of a powder. Such a unique tool has proven itself in bodybuilding, but also effective in modern dietetics for modeling the athletic silhouette, getting rid of subcutaneous fat. Taking amino acids for weight loss, you can accelerate the dietary effect, move faster towards the goal - weight loss.

What is BCAA?

When drying the body, many athletes additionally use sports nutrition, as an inexhaustible source of proteins and vitamins, a powerful fat burner, antioxidant, and weight loss product. Amino acids BCAA are also indispensable, since they block the intake of excess calories in the body, prevent the depletion of muscle mass, normalize the sleep phase, increase endurance, are able to slightly correct the health shaken by increased physical exertion.

The action of BCAAs in the body is immediate, the main thing is to choose the right dosage, read the instructions, consult a nutritionist. This English abbreviation for the full name Branch chain amino acids is not the official name for a specific dietary supplement, but rather combines such valuable elements as isoleucine, valine and leucine in a daily dietary supplement. Buying BCAA in a pharmacy will not work, it is better to order on the Internet inexpensively and with good discounts for quick weight loss.

What are BCAAs for?

When losing weight, a woman refuses carbohydrates, considering them the cause of the appearance of a problematic figure. In fact, when using BCAAs, such strict restrictions are not required, since the drug increases calorie consumption, activates the protein metabolism of the body, and contributes to the burning of subcutaneous tissue. This is a great solution for athletic girls and guys who are used to maintaining their shape in shape. Being interested in why BCAAs are needed, it is also important to note the following positive points:

  • suppression of the catabolic process;
  • muscle preservation;
  • increase in power indicators;
  • creating a favorable anabolic background;
  • charge of immunity with vitamins;
  • maintaining muscle tone;
  • rapid consumption of subcutaneous fat.

The effect of BCAA on the body

Such an innovative product has several forms of release, among them - tablets, capsules, powder, liquid for oral administration. The unique effect of BCAA on a losing weight is identical, and is based on blocking the body's perception of excess calories, adjusting metabolism and restoring the organic resource after intense physical exertion.

The main goal of taking this amino acid is to activate the production of leptin. To solve the problem, the mechanism of action is as follows: BSAA contains leucine and isoleucine, which contribute to the formation of leptin with a capacious concentration. As a result, metabolism is enhanced, the digestive system is normalized, and a good bowel cleansing occurs. Weight gradually decreases, an athletic corset is formed with a minimum amount of subcutaneous fat.

Doctors reviews BCAA

Since the drug has a natural origin and a harmless composition, the doctors' reviews about BCAA are positive. Experts do not deny that this is a worthy assistant in losing weight, which becomes an indispensable supplement in the process of eating. Doctors give advice not to combine the amino acid with alcohol, avoid allergies, carefully observe daily doses. Only then BCAA for weight loss will work, replace and diversify a strict diet. A person losing weight will not remain hungry, moreover, his body receives a unique complex of vitamins.

How to take BCAA

The main task is to consume less calories, but spend more with intensive training for weight loss. The specified amino acid, or rather its correct use and combination with a low-calorie diet, physical activity, helps to achieve the goal. Before taking BCAA for weight loss, you should consult with a specialist in this matter.

Any online store offers a description of the full course, taking into account the physical fitness and health status of the losing person. Useful information on the topic can always be found on the Sportwiki. Dietary properties and productive burning of subcutaneous fat depend on the choice of products, for example, you can buy BCAA for weight loss in the form of BCAA diet pills Drive Black (200 pieces), or Nutrex, which make the figure flawless.

How to take BCAA Powder

This dietary remedy is supposed to be used on an empty stomach, the risk of side effects with proper dosage is minimal in both cases. Take BCAA in powder of 6-8 grams 30 minutes before and immediately after a workout. During the recovery period, the daily portion of BCCA for weight loss is 4-6 grams, which should be taken in the morning. It is the easiest to use the powder form of the release, the dietary effect is not weaker at all than the BCA diet pills (as it is said in Sportvik).

How to take BCAA capsules

Tablets should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, between meals and at night, the benefits will be enormous. It is convenient to take BCAA for weight loss in capsules, since a single dose can be taken in any extreme environment. Contraindications are minimal, it is important to determine the dosage. Take BCAA capsules should be based on the weight category of a losing weight person. For example, one pill may contain up to 500 mg of BCAA, which is enough for the body for a day. However, this form of release is not cheap, the most expensive option, not available to everyone.

When is the best time to take BCAA?

Physical activity should be replaced by a full rest, which in sports is called the recovery period. When losing weight, it is also required to alternate the use of BCAAs, to avoid overdose and side effects. Before buying a BCAA, it is important to choose the most suitable option, and make a purchase only from the manufacturer (it is important to avoid fakes). Why take amino acids, it is already clear, it remains to find out when it is better to take BCAA. Be sure to before training and after not, but on days of recovery in the morning on an empty stomach. Nutrition should be protein.

Other rules are presented below:

  1. It is important to observe the compatibility of BCAA during weight loss, otherwise the body suffers from side effects in the form of an allergic rash.
  2. The diet should provide a minimum number of calories, otherwise the proposed diet will not cost anything for productive weight loss.
  3. It is imperative to carry out high-intensity power loads every other day, giving the body time to rest when losing weight.
  4. A single meal should contain 30-35 g of protein, and ask your dietitian how to drink BCAA for weight loss.
  5. Buying a BCAA in a pharmacy is difficult, but you should not take dubious products from your hands. As a worthy alternative, you can buy BCAA amino acids in the online store from the manufacturer, for example, in Moscow or St. Petersburg.


The harmful effects of natural amino acids on the human body in the process of losing weight are completely absent, as evidenced by specially conducted clinical studies. Harmful BCAA with observance of daily dosages and their slight overstatement is completely excluded. Side effects occur extremely rarely, and are limited to allergic, local reactions on the skin of a temporary nature. Such cases in practice are isolated and require additional consultation with a nutritionist.

Price for BCAA

Ordering products is cheaper via the Internet, but choosing online stores with a good reputation, or better, a website from the manufacturer. This is advantageous in that they often carry out sales and promotions, provide free courier delivery and minimal costs when sending BCAAs by mail. The purchase price depends on the supplier and the region. For example, in Moscow, sales of amino acids are somewhat more expensive; in the provinces, you can save on purchases. It's time to get acquainted with the metropolitan prices for BCAA:

  • Pro BCAA (390 grams) - 1 700 rubles;
  • BCAA Drive Black (200 tablets) for up to 2,000 rubles;
  • BCAA-Pro Reloaded (90 tablets) - 1,700 rubles;
  • BCAA Workout ActivLab (400 grams) - 1,300 rubles.

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Marina, 35 years old Long dreamed of losing weight and even enrolled in the gym. She went on a diet and began to train. I immediately threw off 3 kg, but on this the weight rose. To strengthen the result, the trainer advised me to buy BCAAs for fast and effective weight loss. At first I thought it was from a series of illegal drugs, but they explained everything to me. Bought - the process of losing weight has begun.
Elena, 25 years old I go in for sports and accept BCCA for weight loss. This amino acid harmless to the body works wonders, and it makes the figure flawless without strict diets. The most important thing is to combine days of stress and recovery, so that the natural process of losing weight is not exacerbated by serious health problems. Buying is not cheap, but necessary for weight loss.
Alla, 34 years old Also sat for a long time at the BCAA. The thing is unique, because after losing weight this amino acid does not allow you to recover back even with a regular violation of the regime. I experimented so, but I do not recommend repeating. In general, for weight loss, the ideal option, because it helps to avoid hunger strike, sitting on a strict diet.
Svetlana, 40 years old, went in for sports late, because I thought about health and weight loss only after 35 years. BCAA took one course, but did not feel much difference. This is necessary for professional athletes, but if usual, it is not always appropriate. Although in my environment there are ladies who do not spend a day without such an amino acid, consider it a panacea for weight loss.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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