Glucophage Long Slimming: how to take the drug

Metabolic disorders are a common type of disease that cause serious health problems: diabetes, obesity. At the heart of both ailments is the immunity of tissues to the hormone insulin. To combat it, there are drugs that treat diseases and remove extra pounds.

Glucophage Instructions Long

The pharmaceutical industry offers the solution to obesity and diabetes with Glucophage Long. The pharmacological group is antidiabetic agents. Release form - white capsules. The main active ingredient is metformin hydrochloride. Its dosage can vary from 500 to 750 mg. The instruction of Glucophage Long says that its action is prolonged, so that tablets are taken no more often than 1-2 times in knocking.

Glucophage Long Application

The drug is taken when the sugar level needs to be lowered. In a healthy body, this process occurs naturally. Failures occur when the hormone insulin responsible for glucose uptake is not perceived by the tissues. Indications for the use of glucophage long are as follows:

  • severe obesity;
  • diabetes in adults;
  • childhood and adolescent diabetes;
  • body immunity to the hormone insulin.

Contraindication to use is pregnancy due to the threat of congenital malformations in the child, although there is not enough data about this to state exactly. If pregnancy occurs during the treatment period, the medicine must be canceled and the treatment methods changed. There are also insufficient data on the effects on children during breastfeeding. However, it is known that the main component passes into breast milk, so the use of the drug during lactation is also not recommended. The composition is incompatible with alcohol.

Glucophage Long Slimming

Another area of ​​application of the drug is body shaping. Glucophage long for weight loss is prescribed because it lowers the level of glucose, promotes its proper absorption, that is, directs sugar molecules to the muscles. There, under the influence of physical exertion, sugar is consumed and fatty acids are oxidized, carbohydrate absorption slows down. All this affects the appetite, which is markedly reduced, which leads to weight loss.

Side effects

The main side effects of Glucophage Long are observed from the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism. Most problems are not dangerous and disappear within the first few days. You can expect:

  • bloating;
  • diarrhea and vomiting;
  • bad taste in the mouth;
  • nausea and aversion to food;
  • epigastric pain;
  • with prolonged use - problems with the digestibility of vitamin B12.

Of the dangerous effects that require immediate cessation of prima, lactic acidosis is isolated. It occurs with individual intolerance, or with drug interactions with certain drugs. In some cases, urticaria and itching may occur. Problems arise with an overdose, so it is dangerous to start treatment without a doctor’s prescription.


The main active ingredient metformin is found in many drugs with a similar effect. You can count several dozen analogues of Glucofage Long. One of the most famous is Siofor. The difference between them is small, there are differences in the positive and in the negative direction. Glucophage wins due to a prolonged action, which allows you to take the drug less often.

Further popular are Metformin, Bagomet, Metadiene, Glycon, Metospanin, Glyminfor, NovoFormin, Glyformin, Formmetin, Langerin, Nova Met, Sofamet, Formina Pliva Metfogamma 1000 and their numerous derivatives. If we consider the difference between Glucophage and Glucophage Long, then this is the content of the active substance. The latter is available in doses of 850 and 1000 mg.


The cost of the drug in pharmacies in Moscow and the Moscow region ranges from 280 to 650 rubles. The price of Glucophage Long depends on the composition of the active substance. A package of 30 tablets of French production with a dose of 500 mg metformin costs 281 p., Norwegian - 330 p. A package of 60 pieces can be bought at a price of 444 and 494 p. 30 tablets Glucofage 750 Long produced in France will cost 343 rubles, Norway - 395 rubles. Packages of 60 tablets cost 575 and 651 rubles, depending on the country of manufacture. At a better price, the tool can be ordered from catalogs on the Internet.

Reviews about Glucofage Long

Irina, 26 years old. I decided to drink Glucofage Long 500 for weight loss. Before him, there were many attempts: both different power systems, and a gym. The results were unsatisfactory, excess weight returned as soon as the next diet stopped. The result from the medicine surprised: I lost 3 kg per month. I will continue to drink, and it costs a lot.
Marina, 31 years old I have diabetes. Sugar ranged from 12 to 17. After a long search, I heard good reviews about glucophage. Consulted with a doctor. He prescribed 1 tablet twice a day. To my surprise, there were no side effects even in the first week of admission, although in other cases there were. As a result, sugar reached 8-9. I feel much better.
Vasily, 40 years old I am taking a prescription medicine to reduce sugar. 1 tablet was prescribed per 750 mg once a day. Before taking the drug, the sugar was 7.9. Two weeks later, decreased to 6.6 on an empty stomach. But my review is not only positive. At first, my stomach ached, diarrhea began. A week later, itching began. Although this is indicated by the instructions, the doctor will have to go.
Yana, 22 years old I bought Glucofage in an online store to lose weight. The medicine was effective: in three months it lost 9 kg. But at this time I tried to eat less fatty, more vegetable food, which also probably gave its effect. When I stopped, I began to notice that the kilograms were quickly returning. I think whether to start drinking it again or not.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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