Color Eyebrow Architecture

In creating an image, eyebrows play one of the key roles. The look takes on a different expression: beautifully curved arcs indicate playfulness, lowered outer corners - tearfulness of a person, thick eyebrows tell about the severity of character. Properly selected outlines or tattoo will make the face expressive.

What is eyebrow architecture

Brow art is not just a cosmetic procedure, but a real art. The master, focusing on his own experience, innate aesthetic taste and knowledge gained in the courses, achieves complete naturalness. The architecture of the eyebrows is the selection of the form, taking into account the type of face, skin color and other features of appearance. The first adjustment is done in the studio, in the future the form is maintained at home.

The architectural design of the eyebrows includes the steps of:

  • search for the perfect bend that matches the type of appearance;
  • removal of unwanted hairs (tweezers, thread or wax);
  • staining after choosing a color;
  • tattooing at will;
  • daily care and makeup.

Inexpressive outlines will change the correction of eyebrows. The makeup artist will perform it taking into account all the nuances, focusing on the type of face and hair color. Beauty salons offer women several coloring techniques. Conventional chemical dyes, henna, or otherwise biotattoo are used. A single fashion does not exist, a girl does something that emphasizes her beauty.

Henna Eyebrow Architecture

Natural dye is safe, provides a long-lasting effect that lasts up to 6 weeks. Eyebrow correction and staining with henna begins with a careful selection of shape and a suitable shade. Correcting the result in case of an error is problematic. Cosmetic henna stains in black, brown and gray tones. Eyebrow treatment involves staining not only the hairs, but also the space between them.

Henna eyebrow modeling is carried out taking into account the color type:

  • blondes - gray and light cinnamon tones, a couple of tones darker than natural eyebrows;
  • burning brunettes masters give recommendations not to abandon the natural tone, in extreme cases, lighten by 1-2;
  • light brown shades for girls with platinum hair;
  • the brown-haired ones will go with copper tint or mahogany.

Persistent staining of eyebrows at home should not be done. The browist from the salon is studying at the school and attends master classes. He performs the work according to the rules and the scheme, trying not to distort the proportions of the face. Before you start applying henna, the eyebrows are treated with a scrub and degreased to make the paint go well. The powder is diluted with water to the consistency of thick sour cream, applied to the skin and hair with a thick layer. Ready tattooing looks natural and leads to the creation of a harmonious image.

Architecture Eyebrow Thread

It is difficult to independently align the shape of the eyebrows at home using the "trading" method. From the master, he requires the utmost concentration of attention. The architecture of the eyebrow with thread is painless, and the result will be soft and smooth skin. For this purpose, cotton or cosmetic thread is used, twisted in a special way. The method allows you to tear out several hairs at the same time.

The correct technique takes into account the facial type when removing excess hair:

  • The line of eyebrows for the round shape is upward, opening the gaze, with a pronounced fracture.
  • A high, ascending, but smooth rise is appropriate for the square type.
  • To the triangular face fit neat arcuate lines with a soft fracture.
  • On the face of a rectangular shape, the eyebrows should not have a kink.
  • The rhomboid type is suitable for tall and raised forms.
  • Owners of an oval face can give their own any line that does not lead to an imbalance of features.

The decoration of eyebrows with cosmetic thread is often accompanied by a preliminary haircut of especially not obedient bunches. The price of the service due to the simplicity of its execution for an experienced master is not high. Using it regularly, you can achieve a lasting result - the hair is gradually thinning, thinning, their growth is slowed down. If there are moles on the treated area, then another method is used.

Eyebrow Architecture - Before and After Photos

An artistically designed line is capable of unrecognizable changes in appearance. The contours acquire clarity, and the look becomes expressive. Male eyebrow correction is conservative, its task is to make the face brutal. Browists only slightly correct their natural form, form the correct direction of growth. This they are taught in the lessons of brow art.

Eyebrow Architecture Price

Service / Price
Tweezers correction400 rub.1590 r.350 rub.300 rub.
Decoration thread650 rub.750 rub.350 rub.400 rub.
Henna staining400 rub.750 rub.800 rub.500 rub.
Makeup250 rub350 rub.400 rub.220 RUR


Irina, 28 years old I love well-groomed eyebrows, but I can’t cope with them on my own. Nature touted and rewarded rare and pale. A friend advised using a service such as plucking eyebrows. The price seemed reasonable to me, and I signed up with the master. The result pleased me, my face was transformed, the features became expressive.
Karina, 32 years old. Found a very useful procedure for herself - eyebrow shaping. The girl plucked out all the excess hair, previously treated with anesthetic cream. I have a high forehead, which I really like. We decided to make henna staining to further emphasize it. I like my face much more.
Ala, 33 years old Twice did an artistic correction of eyebrows, was satisfied. You can’t do it yourself. I also stained them with cosmetic henna. The result lasted more than a month than was surprised and pleased. She made the correction with a thread - it doesn’t hurt at all. I decided that as soon as the hair grows back, I will go to my beloved master.

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