GPS tracker for children in a watch or phone. Best Baby GPS Trackers

The road to and from school, training, study groups, going to visit a friend or playing on the streets - all this time, parents are worried about their child. With the advent of smart devices, you can be aware of the whereabouts of the student, to protect the kid or teenager from trouble from a distance. What to choose: a watch with a GPS tracker or a special application for your phone?

What is a GPS tracker

To get started, figure out how it works. Learn more about each step of your beloved child while he is away from home and himself, parents, grandparents can through satellite navigation (GPS) or through basic networks. As a special device that helps to monitor and ensure safety, there are watches, key rings, mobile phones. Any GPS tracker for a child will transmit data through a beacon, and parents can watch the movement of their children online or by viewing the history of events.

Children's watch with a GPS tracker

Smart personal sensor with protection against dust and precipitation. It will be convenient to wear a watch with a GPS tracker for children, because it is made on the principle of a wristwatch equipped with a strap. If the baby tries to remove them, the built-in system will immediately notify parents about this. Among the manufacturers of special devices that are designed to track the movement of children, this one is almost the smallest one. Safe for health, reliable to use, simple - these are the characteristics that distinguish a children's GPS tracker in the form of a watch.

Stylish devices will attract the attention of small owners. It remains for the parents to explain to the child how to use the speed dial keys, in which situations you should press the button to send a call about an unpleasant situation. The watch and the GPS beacon are safe for the child, plus they will transmit location data through the available channels, determining the location very accurately.

Choosing a stylish tracker watch for a girl or boy of any age will not be a hassle, some models are equipped with wireless charging from the base or combine the functions of a phone. Other features of smart watches:

  • safe zone setting function;
  • the built-in speaker provides an opportunity to hear everything that is happening around;
  • there are special buttons on the case, with the help of which 2 preset numbers are called, at the slightest hint of an unpleasant situation, the baby needs to press only one button, and not get out the phone, look for the number and call someone close.

Children's GPS watches smart baby watch q 50

An interactive device with many popular features with a built-in GPS-tracker is a smart children's watch that allows parents to track the coordinates of the movement of the child. Using a dialer, a compact device will notify you of a dangerous situation if your son or daughter is outside the school yard, turned off the route home or for training. The list of useful features that baby watch gps q 50 is endowed with is incredibly large, among them - access to travel history throughout the day - parents can check if their child is skipping school

Watch with GPS tracker for children q 60

Security transmitter with rich feature set for easy searching. Buying a GPS watch for school children is an opportunity to find out if everything is fine with them while being at a distance. The multifunction device transmits coordinates, and with the help of the silent call mode, it helps to listen to everything that happens. A GPS tracker for children q 60 will notify you of absenteeism, whether you stayed at home, walks, went to visit. A beacon for tracking a child will track the route and transfer data through the free application to the parent smartphone.

Learn how to choose the right smartwatch.

Phone for children with a GPS tracker

According to the descriptions of these devices, problems of a disconnected or set to silent mode mobile phone are solved. A children's phone with GPS can be bought as a special gadget - for example, the Firefly model. The price of such devices is inexpensive, in size such devices are very small, with the help of a tape they can be worn around the neck, like a keychain. A fun interface, emergency call buttons, anti-theft protection, receiving calls only from the ones entered into the notebook, sending template messages, viewing the location - these are useful functions of a phone with a GPS tracker for children.

How to choose a GPS tracker for kids

To remotely control the movement of children, parents can choose between personal trackers or mobile applications. How to choose a GPS tracker for children? According to reviews, detailed monitoring thanks to the navigator is available in any version. Significant factors of the purchase, in addition to the price, will be the size, strength of the case, weight, convenience. Watches with a beacon have a quick access option to the panic button. If the student has a mobile phone, you only need to download special software, which will reduce the cost of buying a new gadget.

Price for GPS tracker for kids

Sample prices are given in the table:

Device view

Average price (in rubles)


789- 5600

Baby Watch


A bracelet




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Victoria, 34 years old I accidentally found a review of what a GPS tracker looks like, and an inexpensive device is attractive for children. I took an interest in reviews, looked at prices, decided that it was worth a try. The son has already twice lost the phone, the situation is unpleasant. We picked up a watch, wears it with pleasure, but I am calm for him, while he is at school or walking with friends. A tracking beacon always quickly finds it.
Tatyana, 41 years old. It is a pity, for the eldest daughter there were no such devices at one time. Thanks to her watch, the younger one is always under control: when she came home from school, where she went. According to the instructions, they configured the buttons, and by SMS, all movements are visible, like marks on the map. For working parents, children's smart watches are a good helper, with very useful features.
Nadezhda, 37 years old We installed the application on a smartphone, and found out that after school, his son can walk around the city, far from home. The locator determined its appearance in dangerous places, our schoolchildren walked past classes in the section. I had to have a conversation. There was help from the tracking program, we decided to strengthen measures and bought another keychain, which my son always carries with him.