Berodual for inhalation - instructions for use. Berodual inhalations for children and adults

If you do not heal, then even the most common runny nose can develop into bronchitis. It takes a lot of effort, time and patience to deal with such an ailment. At the doctor’s appointment, antibiotics are prescribed to treat a severe cough, but this does not always help. Berodual is considered one of the most effective ways to eliminate the disease. The medicine is available in different forms, but the most effective according to user reviews is a solution for inhalation.

Berodual - instructions for use

Many use Berodual during inhalation, if Lazolvan does not help. The drug penetrates deep into the lungs, settles on them, acts even better than conventional aerosols. The instructions indicate that with frequent use of the drug, dependence develops, so the dosage and duration of use should be observed.

In any case, the action of Berodual during inhalation is effective, the main thing is to determine the dosage regimen. Berodual for inhalation - instructions: it is believed that 1 drop goes to 2 kg of weight - according to this scheme, the dosage should be calculated. You can take no more than 30 drops of the drug per day. During treatment with the drug can not drink alcohol.

Berodual Aerosol

An aerosol can or Berodual spray is convenient to use: the patient can carry it with him in his pocket and use it at any time during an attack. Using the drug in this form has the following privileges:

  • ease of use;
  • compactness: fits in any purse, can be used both outdoors and in any room;
  • instant result: the aerosol quickly settles, penetrates deeply into the respiratory tract, instantly relieves an asthma attack.

Another important plus - no need to worry about the dosage, because for adults and children it is the same. Even one injection is enough to relieve an attack of severe coughing. Frequency of use: 3-4 times a day. With a suffocating attack, you can spray again, a couple of minutes after the first application. The spray is not bitter, so even children calmly tolerate its taste.

Berodual solution

The drug is the best bronchial dilator. How to breed Berodual with saline for a child, according to the instructions? Here are the exact proportions that depend on the age of the child.

  • Up to 6 years. The baby's weight is up to 22 kg, so 1 drop of Berodual per 2 ml of saline will be required. It is recommended to start with the smallest dosage: it is approximately equal to 0.5 ml or exactly 10 drops per 2 ml of saline. The frequency of inhalation can reach up to two times a day, but if the coughing attack does not stop, increase the frequency of administration up to four times.
  • Older than 6 and under 12 years old. It is worth looking at the symptoms, the dosage of the medicine will depend on them. If the spasm is small, then 0.5 ml or 10 drops per 2 ml of saline is enough, if the cough is sharper and more often as in bronchial asthma - 0.5 / 1 ml or 10-20 drops per 4 ml of saline. If the situation is very complicated and asthma attacks have begun - do not hesitate and dilute 2-3 ml or 40-60 drops, increasing the amount of saline.
  • Over 12 years old and adults. The proportions are all the same as in the second paragraph. But if the bronchospasm is too severe - according to the instructions, dilute 2.5 / 4 ml or 50-60 drops and alternate with Pulmicort. But be careful, avoid overdosing, you can not breed this amount of medicine every time.

How to breed Berodual for inhalation? Given the age of the child and the difficulty of coughing, increase the dose of saline to a maximum of 4 ml. The solution must be poured into a nebulizer or a special replacement container, and only then turn on the inhaler and inhale calmly. The price of the medicine is not high, so it is better to always keep a spare jar at home.

Inhalation with Berodual

How to do inhalation with the hormone Berodual and saline? There are a number of indications during which only inhalation with Berodual will help. For example, the prevention of respiratory diseases, asthma, lung disease, acute allergies. How to apply inhalation in each case?

Berodual with dry cough

Many doctors recommend using the drug when coughing, whether it is dry or wet. If sputum is separated during the process, severe shortness of breath occurs, and the spasm is so strong that real suffocation begins - this can not be tolerated. According to the instructions, it is worthwhile to immediately apply the hormonal Berodual when coughing. In this case, the medicine penetrates inside and blocks the attack, inhibits any reflex and the urge to irritate. The muscles relax, and breathing becomes easier, the spasm goes away.

Berodual with laryngitis

In order not to have a hoarse voice, severe suffocation inside and sudden shortness of breath, you should not neglect the medicine. In no case do not start this condition, especially in a child, because everything can develop into tracheitis. Many doctors prescribe concurrent administration of Berodual for laryngitis along with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Berodual with bronchitis

Inhalations with this drug are done for bronchitis. The medicine eliminates the symptoms of the disease in a matter of minutes, and returns the patient to good health. But before use, you should definitely consult your doctor - there are slight contraindications that are mentioned in the instructions. The use of Berodual for bronchitis is an ambulance that can quickly put on its feet, here the main role is played by the correctness of breaths during inhalation.

Berodual in pneumonia

To improve the condition of the bronchopulmonary system, it is important to take an expectorant. Berodual with pneumonia acts in a laxative manner. In addition to it, it should be treated with aerosols, sprays and other means, the compatibility of which is proved and described in the instructions, so as not to start the disease.

Berodual - side effects

Pregnancy is not a contraindication to taking Berodual - side effects cause the following conditions:

  • CNS disorder (nervousness, tremor, severe irritability);
  • severe headaches, dizziness;
  • very rarely, but mental disorders appear;
  • reaction of the vascular system to taking the drug, heart rate and heartbeat, high blood pressure, sometimes arrhythmia;
  • irritation inside the larynx, severe spasm, expectoration;
  • sometimes vomiting and nausea;
  • allergies, itching, reddish skin rashes, sometimes hives;
  • swelling on the face, tongue and lips is very rare.

Price for Berodual for inhalation

You can buy the drug inexpensively in any pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. How much is Berodual or its analogue? The cost of the drug depends on the territorial location of pharmacies and in each city is different. The approximate prices are as follows:

  1. Solution for inhalation, 20 ml - 250-300 rubles.
  2. A solution of H 10 ml for intensive inhalation - 500-530 rubles.
  3. Aerosol for inhalation, the price is 550 rubles.

Video: inhalation with Berodual to a child



Marina, 34 years old My child had a terrible allergic reaction, I could not understand what could cause such a reaction of the body. We went to the doctor, checked the lungs - everything is in order. But a terrible endless cough did not give rest. Berodual and Pulmicort were advised at the doctor’s appointment, with severe spasm we use only them. How to make inhalation with Berodual and saline solution is simple, everything is described in the instructions.
Valentina, 46 years old Her husband’s bronchial asthma is something we have been struggling with for several years. It becomes scary when a cough literally takes hold of the body, because you can suffocate from an attack at any time. Berodual (ipratropium bromide) has been tried recently. Surprisingly, after application, the attack stops, the husband breathes calmly, does not suffer from cramping, and the price of the drug is not high. I understand that you can’t use this medicine every time, but with a strong attack, along with pulmicort, it helps to relieve bronchospasm.
Ira, 39 years old. It is very convenient that the drug can be taken with you, the drug is sold not only for inhalation, but also in the form of an aerosol with a long shelf life. You can buy in the online store by selecting and ordering from the catalog. Just a couple of sprays of medicine inside - and my rapid cough passes, breathing easier. Thanks to my doctor for having once advised this remedy. It is also important that detailed instructions are attached to it and the price is affordable.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.