Balayazh on brown hair: dyeing technique

Today, natural coloring is still relevant, as fashion remains on the side of naturalness. So, the dyeing technique called balayazh is considered an interesting solution for designing a trendy hairstyle. New shades will surely refresh the image of a seductive blonde, highlight style.

What is balayazh technique

It is a highlighting option in which the ends of the strands are painted in a contrasting tone relative to the main color of the hair. In the technique, you can use several colors at once to make a smoother transition from dark to light. In time, the procedure takes as much time as traditional highlighting. However, the cost of specific coloring will not be cheap, because the amount of paint used, the professionalism of the master, as well as the length of the curls will affect the price of the procedure.

Coloring in this style looks perfect on fair-haired girls with dark or light natural shades. Special lightening helps create a natural burnout effect. Do not think that balayazh is applicable exclusively to long hair. Thanks to this technique, you can make an excellent amount of haircut shortened bob or bean. For lovers of hairstyles with bangs, this painting option is also ideal.

Dyeing balayazh on ordinary brown hair

Most fair-haired girls by nature do not like this color, believing that it is pale. With the help of correctly selected shades for coloring, you can give bright notes to the hairstyle, it is beneficial to emphasize the color of the eyes and skin. It is advisable for fair-haired girls to give preference to light and natural colors for bleaching. Wheat and golden tones are best, because with this choice, the color transition has a more harmonious appearance.

Balayazh on light brown hair

This color is also called mouse, because by its nature it is very faded and looks rustic with no additional painting. The hairstyle will be lush and vibrant thanks to a smooth gradient from sand or light brown on the roots, with a transition to a glossy blonde. Balayazh on brown hair looks great with any length, not excluding short haircuts. Using the horizontal coloring technique, you can look stylish and solid, and if you want, create additional volume.

To dark brown hair

The problem of insufficient brightness and brilliance of dark brown hair helps to solve a balayazh. Particularly attractive bleaching looks on medium and long hairstyles, playing with contrasting colors. Such coloring helps to create a natural burnout effect under the sun on the hair. You can conduct a series of experiments that allow you to slightly move away from the classic version, tinting bleached areas with bright shades of red, pink, purple and other colors. Extravagant highlighted strands will charm many.

The technique is ideal for dyed blondes who are lazy to constantly discolor their roots. With this staining, the roots will remain a dark brown shade, but in this case it is desirable that the master draw a light tone over the entire mass of hair from the very ends. With balalaika, the border between the natural color and the painted one will be blurred, creating a smooth transition and giving the image a trendy and relevant look.

The technique of dyeing hair balayazh

The essence of the technique lies in the following successive steps:

  1. First of all, they start painting the tips with a special blond and paints of a chemical origin, which the master independently chooses.
  2. When the paint is washed off from the ends, then comes the turn of staining the roots.
  3. Balayazh on brown hair implies a smooth transition from one shade to another, which is achieved by applying several colors with an interval of fifteen minutes. The dye on the roots is carefully combed down. The minimum distance of the color transition from the roots is equal to two centimeters and reaches eight if the hair is long.

Long blond hair

Masters offer several options for dyeing hair using the balayazh technique, starting from the length of the client’s strands. In most cases, two colors are used. With long hair, the foil is placed under the tips, and after that, a clarifier is applied to the strands with a special brush. The result is amazing, especially when a hairstyle with wound curls.


This type and length of hair can also be converted using smooth lightening. The hairstyle will seem more magnificent at the roots, which is often not enough for owners of shortened lengths, such as bob. So, with a small length, the haircut is combed so that the tips stick up. First of all, dye is applied to the foil, and then the tips are laid there too.

Medium length

With this length, a hanger looks attractive, because the hairstyle will not be straight, but more magnificent, with a glossy effect. During the painting, the master distributes the hair into several squares, which he collects in small ponytails. The base of the tails with skillful hands is twisted into foil, and the ends are painted in a suitable shade. The execution technique is simple, and the result is amazing.

Highlighting a balayazh at home

Stylists advise to lighten hair from professional masters, because the hand should be correctly placed. If you do not want to go to the salon, but strive to transform your image yourself, then the two-stage staining is as follows:

  1. Take curls that are located on the top of the head or on the sides of the face to create the effect of natural burnout.
  2. Strands are painted in a light tone with vertical movements, starting from the tips, and you need to darken, going higher. Do not try to completely paint the strand, you only need to achieve the effect of burnt hair. The paint should be scraped off after about fifteen minutes.
  3. If you are afraid that the paint will fall on the remaining strands, then use elastic bands and remember that only the upper part of the hair should be painted.

Photo: light brown hut

Balayazh is a trend in hairdressing, because it helps to achieve the creation of a spectacular hairstyle due to the coloring of several strands. A simple clarification technique is perfect for any length, as shown by the photos. Owners of brown hair can make their appearance even brighter if they use this technique of dyeing. Lightening short lengths gives a woman's style solidity, and long strands - notes of sexuality and romance.

Learn how to highlight on brown hair.