How to find out your tariff on Tele2

Tele2 mobile operator offers its subscribers several tariff options. Each of them includes certain conditions for the use of mobile services. After some time, the subscriber can forget what plan he is connected to, so you should know how to see the tariff on Tele2.

How to find out the tariff for Tele2 via the Internet

If you are confident in your computer and often use the Internet, you can not call or write messages to the operator. You just need to start your own personal account, you can do this on the company's website. This free service is available to all owners of SIM cards from Tele2, registration is carried out in two steps:

  • enter your card number;
  • enter the code, it will come to your SIM card in the form of SMS.

This is the most affordable way to find out the tariff on Tele2. After these simple manipulations, you will find yourself inside your personal account, where all the information on your package is provided:

  • title;
  • balance;
  • costs;
  • additional options, services;
  • the ability to change your package.

How to check the tariff for Tele2 from a tablet

Some subscribers use their SIM card not on the phone, but on the tablet. There is no way to dial the help desk numbers from him, so you can resort to other options, how to find out your tariff plan on Tele2:

  • via the USSD command;
  • logging in to your account (personal account);

The second method was described in the section above, the way to connect the LC is no different from the computer, you just need access to the network. You can find out the name of the tariff on the very first page of your account. The option to send a short request is available only to those whose tablet model is designed to send a call. For example, this feature is not available to iPad owners, and some Android models will not be able to do this. How to find out your tariff for Tele2 via a USSD request:

  1. Switch to dialing mode.
  2. Dial the combination * 107 #.
  3. Click Call.
  4. The name of the package appears on the screen.

How to find out the tariff plan on Tele2 from a modem

Sometimes users buy a mobile card to receive Internet access to a computer via a modem. Surfing is charged per megabyte, so you need to monitor the balance, new offers in service packages. If you forgot the name of your plan, then for the modem there are several options how to find out your tariff on Tele2:

  1. Open the modem management program.
  2. Switch to USSD command sending mode.
  3. Enter * 107 # and send.
  4. In response, the name of the package and its main parameters will come.

Some versions of programs do not support sending requests, you can find out the name of the package using alternative methods:

  • enter the personal account on the site through your number;
  • pull out a SIM card, insert it into the phone and ask a question from a tech support specialist;
  • Call from another number, explain the situation and request information for your SIM card (get ready that you will need to provide passport data).

How to find out the Tele2 tariff on the phone

If the card is inserted into the phone, then many opportunities open for you to clarify the name of the package. This can be done by sending a short command:

  1. Switch to dialing mode.
  2. Enter * 107 #.
  3. Press the call button.

A message will come to your screen with all the parameters of your plan: name, balance, cost of Internet traffic, communication services within the network, to other operators, the rest of MMS / SMS. If you only need the package name, dial * 108 # and the call key. If you use a smartphone that has the ability to connect to the Internet, you can log in to the user account on the company's website, download the mobile application directly to your device. Inside you will receive all the detailed information on the package.

In order not to remember different short numbers, you can drive the operator’s customer service telephone number into the phone book - 611. You will be taken to the voice control menu, you can listen to all the information or immediately press the 0 button - you will be connected to a technical support specialist. Sometimes you have to wait until the employee is free, then you can find out from him any information on your plan.

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