How to reset the settings on the android to factory

Often, to solve software problems with the functioning of modern smartphones or tablets, you should perform a Hard Reset (hard reset) or reset to the factory default settings for android. In many cases, this helps to get rid of device freezes due to the malfunctioning of some applications, "junk" system files, viruses, etc.

Is it possible to return the phone to factory settings

The ability to reset data is supported by any device on Andriod, so every owner of this system can conduct it. Before returning the factory settings to android, it should be understood that along with this you will completely lose all data except for those recorded on the memory card. They will no longer be able to restore their capabilities; rollback of such actions is impossible. If you decide to reset the device to the factory state, then you will lose:

  • Phonebook entries
  • applications
  • photos, music, books;
  • saved logins and passwords for accounts.

How to reset settings on android

Before carrying out this procedure, it is strongly recommended that you copy important files, information (photos, videos, music) through the cord to the computer. It is better to make a full backup (copy) of the system, so that if the reset is unsuccessful, you can restore the device to work. There are 3 main options for how to return the android to factory settings:

  1. via the phone menu;
  2. using a combination of buttons;
  3. service codes.

Reset in phone settings

The easiest way to reset your Android settings to factory defaults is through the gadget menu. For this, the device must work and be able to go to the main section of the system. For all smartphones with versions of Android 4.0 or later, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Click on the "Settings" section.
  3. Locate the Recovery and Reset section.
  4. Scroll down the page and find the "Reset Settings" section.
  5. The system will inform you that the data will be deleted from the smartphone. Click on the line "Reset phone settings" and confirm the desire to "Erase everything". Items may vary slightly between phones, but the names are always similar.

Using Service Combinations

This method also requires the device to turn on and be able to switch to dialing. Each manufacturer programs its devices with special combinations that help to return to the factory state. This applies to both global brands (Samsung, HTC, Sony), and Chinese inexpensive models. Codes can change over time, they need to be clarified on the manufacturer’s website, sometimes can be found in the manual for the smartphone. Below are examples of such combinations for your reference:

  • *2767*3855#;
  • *#*#7378423#*#*;
  • *#*#7780#*#.

Key Reset with Recovery

The most radical method, how to reset the settings on the android to factory settings, is the Recovery menu. This is the best way to return to the original state of the smartphone, if it hangs on the splash screen with the logo of the company, it does not turn on. Each device model has a standard button combination that switches it to the Recovery menu. Sometimes you have to use recovery if:

  1. the brakes on the phone have become too strong;
  2. The system does not allow you to delete, transfer or modify anything.

First, turn off the phone completely. Wait until the buttons go out, the screen. Next, you need to find the right combination for your model (the combination of HTC and Samsung will certainly be different). You can use one of the options:

  • button "decrease volume" + "inclusion" it is also "Power" (the most common combination);
  • on some LG phones you need to press the keys described above, wait for the logo, release the “on” and then press it again;
  • "volume up" + "volume down" + "inclusion"
  • "Power" + "Home".

Hold one of the combinations until you are transferred to recovery mode to reset the device to the factory state. The menu is controlled by the buttons for increasing and decreasing the sound. If the Recovery version is touch-sensitive, then you can reboot in a standard way (by touching the screen). To confirm the selection, press the "Power" or "Context menu" button. Next, to reset the phone to its initial state, you need:

  1. Find the item "Clear eMMC" or "wipe data / factory reset", sometimes it is also called "Clear Flash".
  2. Set the selection on it and confirm the action "yes - delete all user data" to reset the data.
  3. After the process is complete, select "Reboot System".

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