Energy Shakes for Weight Loss

Shortly before spring, it's time to go on a diet and find a means that would allow us not to deviate from our plans. In this capacity, energy cocktails for weight loss are the best suited. In a person during a diet, such drinks drown out the appetite, at the same time saturate the body with necessary nutrients and relieve the feeling of fatigue. Energy cocktails are available for every woman: branded mixtures for them are sold in a pharmacy or you can prepare drinks for weight loss at home.

The benefits of energy drinks for weight loss

The beneficial properties of drinks that promote weight loss are determined by their special recipe. The ingredients are selected in such a combination as to give a person a charge to continue the diet in combination with physical activity, accelerate the consumption of fat. Body cleansing is also taken into account. The composition of energy cocktails for weight loss include substances that bring a person to a state of "combat" readiness: invigorating caffeine, muscle stimulating amino acid, guarana endurance source, accelerating metabolism of L-carnitine, B vitamins.

Types of energy cocktails:

  • Protein - gives a feeling of satiety, is used after training and as a substitute for food. It is prepared on the basis of milk, kefir. You can add cottage cheese, fruits, berries, greens to it.
  • Cocktail with ginger - relieves hunger, taken 15 minutes before a meal. It consists of kefir, ginger root, a pinch of cinnamon, red pepper.
  • Dairy - replaces a meal, supplies a person with energy. To get a drink, natural ingredients are optionally added to milk.
  • Celery cocktail - provides the body with the necessary vitamins. It is made on the basis of tomato juice, where apple and greens are squeezed.
  • Banana - has a vitaminizing and cleansing effect. Suitable for 2 days instead of main nutrition. It is prepared on the basis of lemon juice, orange, where banana is added.
  • Cocktail with cinnamon - dulls the appetite. Spice is added to kefir, fruit drinks.
  • A series of protein energy shakes "Energy Slim" (from Samara Research Institute) - eliminates fat accumulation. Offers a wide flavor palette with high nutritional value. It can serve as a basis for berry, fruit, vegetable variations.

What is Energy Diet

These are specially formulated energy shakes for effective weight loss. They help a person to quickly lose weight, while playing sports provide targeted muscle building, nutrition and recovery. How to make energy cocktails? For this, dry mixtures are diluted with milk. Smoothies for weight loss do not contain GMOs, comply with the quality standards of the Russian Federation and Europe. For more information on weight loss-promoting energy shakes, see the Energy Diet official website.

Effective Weight Loss Program Energy Diet

  • Stage 1 "Start", designed for 3-5 days

During this period, to start the mechanism of losing weight by spending accumulated fat, 4-5 energy cocktails with different tastes are consumed daily, which corresponds to 1200-1500 kcal. Before taking Energy Diet and after taking a glass of water for better saturation. The mixture is diluted with non-fat, or diluted with water, milk, or kefir. The required daily intake of fluids along with energy cocktails - 2-2.5 liters. Once a day, eat a plate of salad of raw or boiled vegetables.

  • Stage 2 "Consolidation of the result", designed for 11-14 days

At this time, take 1-2 energy shakes daily and consume balanced foods no more than 2 times. In the mornings they have an Energy Diet breakfast or just a meal, dine with a dish containing protein and vegetables. Supper with an energy cocktail. They maintain a water daily regimen of up to 2 liters. If you feel hungry in the evening, it is allowed to take an additional half serving of Energy Diet 2-3 hours before bedtime. Drink a cocktail with water or weak tea, it is possible with lemon. After "Securing the result" to lose another 15-20 kg or more will help to repeat the program "Start".

  • Stage 3 "Control", calculated individually

For every 1 kg of weight lost in the previous 2 periods, 1 month is taken. As before, you need to adhere to food restrictions, avoiding chocolate and various sweets, pastries, fruit juices and other high-calorie foods. Vigilantly track weight. Deviation from the diet is leveled by the "eraser effect": return to the "Start" program for a couple of days. Or, after a hearty meal, instead of lunch or dinner the next day, take 1-2 energy cocktails.

How to make an energy cocktail at home

  • Honey-lemon (contributes to increased efficiency

    "in 1 liter of pure water with lemon juice (to taste) are carefully dissolved in 2 tbsp. l. honey and rosehip syrup, 150 mg ascorbic acid.

  • Energy cottage cheese (when consumed 45 minutes before exercise, it helps to build muscle

    "in a blender mix shredded banana, 200 g of cottage cheese, a glass of milk.

  • Protein-carbohydrate (nourishes, restores strength

    "add 50 g of fat-free cottage cheese to a glass of kefir, 5 pcs of peeled walnuts, 2 tbsp. l. dry fiber, turn into a homogeneous mass.

  • Cucumber (encourages, improves appearance

    "chopped cucumber is mixed with muesli, herbs, diluted with water to the desired consistency.

Energy drinks video recipes for athletes

For competitions, they are specially losing weight so as not to get out of their weight category, while choosing drinks that are not harmful to health. Energy cocktails, contributing to effective weight loss, not only help to achieve this goal, but also provide an energy reserve for sports achievements. therefore, great for people who are fond of sports. Drinks are a substitute for a healthy diet. Broaden your horizons, learn more about your body, including through interesting, informative videos.

Reviews on the results of weight loss

Vasilena Vetrenko, 25 years old

Previously, in the winter evenings I wandered around the kitchen in search of something to nourish the body after fitness. Could profit from candy or even a sandwich. Deviation from the diet did not go in vain; she recovered by at least 5 kn. Energy Diet cocktails came to the rescue, they are ideal for a person with weight loss. She noted with pleasure that she had stopped gaining weight.

Vera Turkes, 41

I was lucky to get a new job, but she’s sedentary ... So she started doing exercises in the mornings, walking on foot. All the same, for a couple of months there was a breadth. I started running, and from this my appetite became brutal. I began to prepare instead of food energy drinks for weight loss. The results are already evident: the skirt dangles at the waist, before barely buttoning.

Marina Kozhanova, 53 years old

My granddaughter accidentally opened a website where I read about energy shakes and weight loss. I’m interested because I’m visiting a group of medical gymnastics. I bought the mixture in a pharmacy nearby. The cocktails were tasty, healthy, really liked. Replace me with quick snacks and dinner. The body became light as a feather, the vigor increased.

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