Useful properties and contraindications of milk thistle

It is a well-known fact that the plants around us are a storehouse of health. Knowing which organs and systems they act on, what benefits they bring, will always come in handy and help maintain the body’s functioning in optimal form. Let's look at information about such a valuable natural hepatoprotector as milk thistle, useful properties and contraindications for taking medicinal drugs from this herbaceous plant, what unique substances are included in its composition and in what forms it is used.

The healing properties of milk thistle

For more than 2 thousand years this plant has been used in medicine. As a vegetable hepatoprotector, milk thistle increases the resistance of the liver to the effects of negative environmental factors and various diseases, it directly has an effect on improving the structure and strengthening the membranes of the liver cells. The healing properties of milk thistle also include a wound healing, anti-inflammatory effect, protection of the body from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays and radionuclides.

This healing value of the plant is explained by its unique compound called silymarin. This is a powerful antioxidant, it neutralizes free radicals, preventing their destructive effect on liver cells. Another function of this compound is the blocking of toxic substances (even very strong ones, for example, poison toadstools), which stops the process of penetration of poison into liver cells.

Indications for the use of meal

Milk thistle meal is a powder made from the seeds and fruits of a plant grated into flour. It contains 5% silymarin and is an indispensable tool for the treatment of toxic liver damage, fatty organ infiltration or chronic diseases - hepatitis, cholecystitis. Meal can be made by yourself, grinding the required number of seeds immediately before use. When storing such a drug, one must take into account that silymarin is destroyed by exposure to air and light.

The benefits of milk thistle

This is both a valuable dietary product, which is used, for example, for the preparation of salads, and an indispensable organic therapeutic agent. Milk thistle for the treatment of liver in the form of oil has several advantages, because it contains:

  • a combination of essential fatty acids for the body;
  • a set of fat-soluble vitamins: K, E, D and A;
  • chlorophyll - a substance with a rejuvenating effect on organs and tissues;
  • tocopherol - a substance that is prophylactic against tumor processes;
  • healthy minerals.

Thistle herb application

Some parts of this plant (roots or previously soaked young leaves, shoots) are used in food raw or after heat treatment. Dried thistle grass (another name is milk thistle) is used for brewing as a herbal tea. By diversifying your diet in such a way, you help the liver - your natural filter - to quickly cope with toxins and remove them from the body, which will be most positively reflected in the general level of health.

Instructions for use milk thistle

If you plan to start taking the remedy for cleaning and restoring the liver, you need to know in which forms milk thistle is produced, its beneficial properties and contraindications. This plant is used in the form of meal, syrup, water or alcohol extract, fiber of its fruits. Very often they use oil, grass, or milk thistle tablets, so let's talk in more detail about their use. Remember that such treatment courses should not exceed 1 month and are carried out only after consultation with a specialist.

An infusion of spotted milk thistle herbs is taken in this way: 1 tsp. powder pour a glass of boiling water, drink after 10-20 minutes. in small sips. Brew and drink such a drug in the morning on an empty stomach, then in 30 minutes. before dinner and at night. Often, adhering to the habit of using ready-made pharmacy products, people buy pills with this useful herb, for example, Karsil, Sibektan, to maintain the liver. As indicated by the instructions for use of milk thistle in tablets, you need to take 1-2 tablets 3-4 times a day half an hour before meals.

Based on personal taste preferences or ease of use, you can use milk thistle oil in capsules or in normal, liquid form. Instructions for use of milk thistle in capsules indicate how much they need to be applied throughout the day: 4-5 pcs. 2-3 times a day. Oil is taken in 0.5 tsp. twice a day. At the end of this course, not only the functioning of the liver improves, but also the work of the digestive organs is optimized.


When planning to improve the body by cleaning the liver, do not forget what are the contraindications to the use of milk thistle. You can not take such a drug if you have an individual intolerance to its components or exacerbated chronic diseases. It is not recommended to use milk thistle to treat children. During pregnancy and feeding, it is taken only as directed by a doctor.

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Video: using milk thistle oil for the liver

This herb is a pantry of medicinal products. Once again, emphasize to yourself what milk thistle is useful for, what are the ways to use the oil of this plant. From the video we have selected, you will receive information about the composition of the medicine, the benefits of its use. Recipes for using milk thistle oil for medicinal purposes will be useful to you, and you will also learn how to make anti-aging face masks with this tool, strengthen hair and nails. Use the useful information, but do not forget what contraindications there are in taking such a therapeutic drug.


Tatyana Tkachenko, 49 years old. I believe that this is a unique plant - milk thistle, its beneficial properties and contraindications, which are practically absent, make it an indispensable tool of traditional medicine, and there are no analogues for cleaning and protecting the liver! I often use meal for making tea, which I drink at night - it is indispensable, especially after the winter holidays.
Irina Maksimova, 25 years old I read that milk thistle for weight loss is an excellent tool, so I decided to try the recipe for myself. I used the broth for a month, but on the scales only minus 2.5 pounds, it does not show less. So the effect is so-so, I expected to lose 6 kilograms. But the skin on my face has become cleaner, I notice less acne at home.
Elena Ivanova, 56 years old. Milk thistle oil never leaves my house, and cleaning the liver with milk thistle in spring is a must. The rest of the year, I can add this healing remedy little by little to the food. This oil also helps me if suddenly the skin on my hands is very dry - I just lubricate my hands profusely at night, and in the morning they are again soft and well-groomed.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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