How to calculate maternity

The soon birth of a child is a great joy for future parents. However, one should not only prepare mentally for this, buy the necessary things, but also prepare documents. Knowing how to calculate maternity leave correctly when leaving for sick leave and other formalities is very useful for expectant mothers. All the main nuances are reflected in detail in the review.

Date of departure and the term of maternity leave under the law

In Russian law, this term has remained from the name of the old document "Decree", adopted in 1917, which regulated the payment of benefits to mothers. The state in this way supports women who are preparing to become mothers or become them. Vacation takes no more than 140 days, subject to the normal course of pregnancy. A woman can independently not only calculate the sick leave for pregnancy and childbirth, but also shift the number of its onset and end, while maintaining the total number of days.

The start of social leave is considered the day of issuance of sick leave, then it will be required to accrue payments. It is important to note that the procedure is provided only for officially employed citizens. Sometimes the term is extended if there is a reason, for example, complications during pregnancy are detected (a woman has already had a cesarean section before or gestosis is observed). When adopting more than one child, leave with allowance is also assigned. Women go to the hospital on the seventh month of pregnancy.

The procedure for calculating maternity in 2019

All expectant mothers have the right to receive this assistance if they are officially trained, work, or are considered unemployed. A sick leave certificate is issued to them, as a rule, after reaching a certain gestational age, if there are no special circumstances (complications). These include, for example, a previously performed operation, a cesarean section or a serious condition of the expectant mother.

How is maternity leave calculated and related payments accrued? First of all, the average earnings of the future mother are determined, for this they take data for the last two years of work. Hospital and insurance payments that are not taxed are excluded. The total amount resulting from the addition of all the salaries of the expectant mother is divided by the number of days worked. If the income was below the permissible limit, then mothers can calculate the maternity benefit by taking the regional minimum wage indicator.

The legislation provides for a specific framework for calculating eligible payments. Currently, the minimum figure is obtained from the size of the subsistence minimum (7189 rubles). The maximum amount cannot be charged on incomes exceeding 650 thousand rubles. If the sum of the salaries of the expectant mother is a number higher than the maximum allowable, then they take the maximum allowed for calculation.

Payment is charged for the period:

  1. If a woman expects one child and the pregnancy proceeds well, then the leave will be a little less than 4 months.
  2. 156 days in case of a serious condition of the expectant mother and special medical indications.
  3. If more than one child is expected (or not expected, but they were born), then the paid period is increased by another 54 days.

Maternity allowance

After changes in legislation, women are allowed to choose how to calculate their maternity. The maximum amount of assistance is limited to 228.5 thousand rubles. The minimum is calculated when there is insufficient experience or the salary was too low in accordance with the minimum wage - 27.5 thousand. Unemployed mothers can expect to pay 543 rubles a month if they lose their position for good reason. In addition, they receive a benefit of at least 2,700 rubles if it is the first-born and 5,440 if it is the second baby from the parents.

To understand how the childcare allowance is calculated, the status of the expectant mother must be taken into account. An organization must pay money to employed mothers commensurate with their salary. Some do not use their right to rest and continue to work, so appointments do not occur. If the baby dies at birth, then payments are adjusted or not charged at all.

Maternity Payment Formula

The allowance is accrued only to women and is paid in the form of a lump sum. Its minimum size at the moment is 28.5 thousand rubles, and the maximum is 248 thousand rubles. The decree differs from the hospital decree in that it is paid in the amount of the employee's full salary, regardless of the total length of service. Using a maternity calculator online, each woman is able to find out the exact amount of her allowance by the formula: a / b * c. Where a is the total income of the pregnant woman, b is the number of days for a two-year period, c is the days of vacation.

An example of calculating maternity and child benefits for child care

If you do not know how to correctly calculate maternity, imagine the situation:

  1. The expectant mother worked 5 years before pregnancy.
  2. The hospital was granted in mid-January 2019, with a certificate of disability, she should contact the accounting department of the employer organization.
  3. If the employee did not go on sick leave, did not take an unplanned weekend, then 730 working days of the calendar will turn out.
  4. Data on income, not more than the established maximum: for 2014 - 624 thousand, and in 2015 - 650.
  5. As a result of adding these numbers, 1 million 274 thousand is obtained.
  6. This figure is divided by 730 to obtain the required amount - 1745.2 rubles.
  7. The daily amount of payments is multiplied by 140 (the number of days a woman rests), as a result, the size will be 244, 328 thousand.

Video: How to Calculate Maternity Payments Online

Various circumstances can affect the size of the benefit, so you can withdraw the amount that the employer must pay the woman, given all the nuances. The easiest way to understand what is expected of a pregnant woman who worked hard, when she reaches thirtieth week, is to watch the video tutorial. Future mothers will learn to calculate maternity benefits correctly by watching the video below.

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