Aloe hair mask

Plants are an invaluable storehouse of vitamins, nutrients that a person can use not only for food. They are able to bring cosmetic benefits. For example, an aloe vera hair mask is an excellent, low-cost remedy for strengthening the roots, getting rid of split ends and nourishing the scalp. Almost every Russian on the windowsill has this useful, nutrient-rich plant.

Why aloe is good for hair

This plant is used in a wide variety of fields. Its juice is added to healthy, tasty drinks, applied to the face as a rejuvenating lotion, its sheets or flowers are applied to wounds or inflammations to disinfect. A rich set of vitamins and antioxidants make this plant invaluable for natural cosmetology and medicine. Masks for hair from aloe juice are suitable for any head, are gentle, do not cause allergic reactions, are absolutely safe even for young girls.

The main useful properties of such home remedies:

  1. Strengthen the hair follicle. Loss is prevented, thanks to this the hairstyle looks much thicker.
  2. Stimulate the appearance of new bulbs. The more hair follicles in the skin of your head, the more dense your hair will look. Aloe vera oil, rubbed into the roots every day, copes with this task.
  3. Improve blood circulation. This accelerates hair growth. A similar effect can be achieved only with the help of regular massage of the scalp or the use of burning products (for example, shampoos and balms with pepper).
  4. Moisturize dry, brittle strands, without making fatty heavier.
  5. Eliminate scaly structure. The appearance of the entire stock depends on this. If the structure is scaly, then the hairstyle looks dry, lifeless tow.

Folk masks with aloe at home

Unlike purchased cosmetics, folk masks are very cheap. They are easy to prepare with the help of improvised materials, without spending huge amounts on the purchase of professional cosmetics with a dubious composition. In folk cosmetology, juices, essential oils, pulp, eggs and many other food products are used. Vitamins are often added in ampoules. To make an effective remedy at home, you need to know exactly the use of each ingredient that is used in the recipe:

  • The beneficial properties of aloe are difficult to list in a small paragraph. This plant is used for hydration, nutrition, rejuvenation; for antiseptic purposes.
  • Honey is useful as a nutritious ingredient. It has a bold texture.
  • Lemon is a skin hazard, so use it carefully. With the help of its juice, a significant lightening of the tone is achieved, but you can not keep the mask for too long. It affects the structure, can lead to thinning of the hair.
  • An egg (and its yolk especially) is a storehouse of nutrients. It perfectly moisturizes and gives shine.
  • Garlic has a strengthening property, treats loss.

With honey

Aloe juice with honey is often used as a healing drink - it helps with colds and is used as a prophylactic. For hairstyles, this mixture is no less useful. It will help reduce loss, give a deep, rich tone, get rid of dandruff. A hair mask with honey and aloe helps to achieve different results. It all depends on what other ingredients you add to your homemade mixture. For example:

  • garlic strengthens the roots;
  • grapefruit helps with dandruff;
  • yolk and lemon brighten the tone.

A hair mask with honey and aloe is mainly used to nourish the scalp. Both ingredients contain many beneficial substances. Aloe and honey hair mask is suitable for you if your hair grows slowly, the hairstyle looks dull, lifeless. Take the plant juice and honey in a ratio of 1: 5. Whenever you mix products for cosmetic purposes, achieve a homogeneous mass. Apply the full length aloe hair mask, hide it under a shower cap. The mixture must be kept for 20 minutes.

If you add additional ingredients to this recipe, it will become even more useful. Try to mix honey, aloe (in the above proportion), two eggs. This time, when applying, pay particular attention to the roots. The yolk will strengthen the bulbs. If you want a radiant color, try adding two tablespoons of lemon juice. The effect of the aloe and lemon hair mask will not be immediately noticeable. Be patient: perform this ritual every week for several months. Your natural color will lighten by one tone. This is especially noticeable on light blond strands.

For growth with vitamins

In combination with vitamin supplements, aloe vera is a powerful tool for nourishing and improving the circulation of the scalp. Together, these effects accelerate growth. Any vitamins are sold in ampoules in a pharmacy. The cost is cheap, you buy a dozen bubbles for 50 rubles. What is best to mix aloe with:

  1. vitamin A;
  2. Vitamin E
  3. Vitamin B
  4. do not add vitamin C - it is in excess in the juice of the plant.

Juice and vitamins will create too liquid a consistency that cannot be sustained on the hair as a mask. A suitable framework needs to be found. At your choice:

  • fat yogurt;
  • egg yolk;
  • yogurt;
  • purchased hair mask.

Mix the beneficial additives with the base in the following proportions: 3 parts juice, 1 part liquid vitamins (a few drops), 10 parts thick base. Knead until smooth. If the mask is too hard, dilute it with a spoon of water. Apply the mixture, moving from the roots to the tips. Try to pay special attention to the scalp. Such a mask must be insulated. Wrap your head in a towel. Wash off the mixture after 20 minutes.

From falling out with garlic

If you suffer from brittle, brittle hair, then a mask from falling out will help you. It strengthens the roots, restores the structure due to the nutrients of aloe and garlic. Recipe for making a mask:

  • whole onion of garlic;
  • several fleshy leaves of aloe;
  • 3 tablespoons of honey.

Squeeze the juice of garlic and leaves. Mix them with honey until smooth. Apply to the roots and scalp. Make a tight bunch, hide it under a hat and go about your business for half an hour. Attention - this hair mask for hair loss belongs to the category of neutral and gentle. She should not pinch, prick or bring other discomfort. If you notice this, wash it off immediately. You may have too delicate skin for garlic juice.

Video how to make a hair mask with aloe

Working with a plant requires some skill. If you have never tried to get aloe juice before, to separate the useful parts of the leaf from the ballast, then check out the videos below. If the described actions are too complicated, or you simply do not have aloe vera at home, then you can find a substitute for homemade juice at your nearest pharmacy. All other ingredients can be found in your refrigerator.

Feedback on the results of the application

Catherine, 32 years old -As far as I can remember, I had brittle hair. Split ends appeared even on a short haircut. I tried a firming mask with aloe for hair. The first time the result was noticeable very weakly, but I persistently did it every week. After a couple of months, I noted that the strands became stronger, and there were no split ends.
Eugene, 25 years old -After unsuccessful experiments with hair color, my strands stopped growing. I tried a lot of things: professional cosmetics, nutritional supplements, massage. The result was always barely noticeable. I decided to try a mask with aloe and vitamins. Over a month, the hairstyle grew by 1.5 cm. For me, this is a huge achievement.
Galina, 49 years old -I have very thin hair that constantly falls out. I tried to strengthen the roots with a special balm, shampoo, even an expensive concentrated remedy in ampoules. It helped weakly, so I decided to turn to folk methods and made a home mask with honey. Now hair falls out much less.

Watch the video: DIY Aloe Vera Hair Mask For Hair Growth! BiancaReneeToday (February 2020).