A set of exercises for weight loss - a video for training at home. Effective Weight Loss Exercises For Women

A slender figure is one of the main criteria of modern beauty. In achieving this goal, all methods are good: complex diets, the right regime of the day, healthy sleep, sports loads in the fitness room. However, not everyone has a great opportunity to exercise their body in the gym, in this case, you can do regular workouts at home, using video exercises for weight loss. This will be an equally effective method on the way to your harmony.

Video Tutorials on Effective Exercises for Fast Weight Loss

In order to make you comfortable playing sports, below you will find all the most effective exercises for quick weight loss at home, recorded on video. They will help you in the performance of a particular exercise, adjust the desired pace, reveal some secrets of a slim figure. And to make things go faster, please note the following recommendations:

  • Before each workout, be sure to warm up your muscles, perform a short warm-up to avoid injuries and achieve the desired result.
  • If you have any exercise equipment at home, include them in your home workout too to warm up your muscles and lose weight faster.
  • Try for yourself the exercises of the oxysease breathing technique, which, like body flex, is aimed at losing weight with the help of special breathing exercises.
  • For the fastest weight loss, use the tip from the Tabat technique, which uses a special pace in the workout: first do the press exercise intensively for 20 seconds, and then give 10 seconds to rest - and in a circle up to 8 times (total duration should be 4 minutes) .
  • Try to drink more pure still water, about 2 liters per day.

Weight Loss Exercises At Home

It is not in vain that many people are engaged in a fitness club, where there is always a trainer nearby who will tell you the correct exercises for a particular area of ​​the muscles, point out all the mistakes in the movement, and give some important tips. But what about those who are engaged in self-improvement of their body? First of all, check out some tips before you get started with your workout:

  • Eliminate harmful fatty foods, sweets, eat strictly on schedule, in small quantities, but more often.
  • Exercise at least three times a week regularly at home.
  • A favorable time of day for sports is considered to be from 11 a.m. to two in the afternoon, and also from six in the evening to eight.
  • Change the selected set of exercises so that the muscles do not get used, the effectiveness of the exercises for losing weight is not lost.
  • Make sure the exercises are done correctly, otherwise you risk tearing your back and stomach muscles, damaging your spine, etc.

A whole complex of video exercises for losing weight, which you can perform while at home, was selected to help you. Watch the video and start working, and the result will definitely come:

How to quickly remove the stomach and sides

If you are going on vacation in the near future, then the first thing you want to quickly get rid of fat on the stomach and sides. This will help you with physical exercises aimed at the abs and lateral muscles. Download the abdominal press in the morning, before breakfast, with an intensity of at least thirty times for several approaches to start. Next - increase the load, supplement classes with more complex exercises. For clarity, watch the video, which presents a lot of twists aimed at the same time burning fat in these areas of the body:

Beautiful arms and shoulders in 10 minutes

Being engaged in separate parts of the body (buttocks, legs, stomach), some forget about such an important area as the hands. Sometimes, people raising their hands, notice their sagging muscles, and yet they also must be in good shape, and therefore, toned. There are several simple exercises aimed at quickly forming the beautiful muscles of the hands and shoulder girdle in just 10 minutes. And also adopt the following recommendations:

  • To effectively pump up the muscles of the arms, shoulders, cervical spine, you will need a simulator (dumbbells).
  • If you are a beginner athlete, then when choosing dumbbell weights, take the lightest (0.5-1 kg) so that the load does not turn out to be painful for you later.

Classes can be different in pace, it is important not to overdo it, but to feel a slight muscle tension during training. Follow all the rules that the trainer recommends in the video to avoid muscle strain and injury:

Training for the muscles of the legs and legs

Who does not dream of beautiful slim legs? But the owners of such hard work on their physical perfection, doing regular training, disappearing in the gym for half a day. Having a special video of exercises for weight loss, you get a real opportunity to translate your old desire into reality and train your ideal beautiful legs:

Fat Burning Workout for Buttocks and Hips

Hips and buttocks - the first thing that gets better during an improper lifestyle and diet. Muscles lose their tone, begin to hang ugly, and in addition, the ugly effect of shaking jelly appears. To quickly bring your buttocks into shape, follow effective exercises:

  • Spin the bike while lying on the floor.
  • Cross your legs.
  • Cross each leg in turn.
  • Use the exercise "sit left - sit right", replacing one hip with another.

Do you think this is difficult, but beautiful forms are unattainable? Watch the video, repeat the workouts daily - and your buttocks, and with them the hip line, will be wonderful:

The best exercises for weight loss with the ball

Not so long ago, complex workouts for losing weight with fitball have become very popular. These are not only pleasant, fun exercises, but also very effective: muscles quickly tone up, fat leaves undesirable places, and roundness begins to take on beautiful shapes. What classes does fitball apply to:

  • Group aerobics classes.
  • Special complexes designed for gyms (exercises with fitball alternate with simulators).
  • Gymnastic professional exercises.
  • Yoga.

Doing exercises on the fitball is simple, but you need to get used to it. The main thing is to maintain balance. Check out the video tutorial, which will show you the most effective and proper exercises for losing weight with this type of simulator:

Dance lesson with rhythmic music with a hoop

A hoop is a good gymnastic simulator for shaping a beautiful waist and an ideal figure; it can be of several types:

  • Lightweight aluminum.
  • More massive metal.
  • Massage with spikes, effective in weight loss workouts.

From the outside it may seem that there is nothing simpler and more boring than just standing and rotating the hoop, but it is not so simple. Firstly, often from this simulator bruises on the body (as after an anti-cellulite massage) may appear unaccustomed, and secondly, there are several interesting techniques using rhythmic music. Check out some interesting hoop exercises in this video:

Video lesson: water aerobics - we lose weight in the pool

The popularity of water aerobics lies in the fact that it can be practiced by all people without exception: men and women who are obese or with disabilities, with various contraindications in other types of fitness. In many cases, this type of sports load is chosen as an additional means to remove a particular problem of the musculoskeletal system. This is not just doing exercises, water aerobics exerts a tremendous load on the muscles as a result of water resistance.

There are a sufficient number of special simulators for water aerobics:

  • Aquadisk - with their help, exercises are performed aimed at the muscles of the back, chest, arms, shoulder girdle.
  • Aquastanga - aims to develop coordination, flexibility.
  • Aquatic gloves - make the resistance of water even greater during the execution of a particular movement, and during swimming increase speed.
  • Aquapoyas - holds the body in a vertical position at depth.

Aqua aerobics is also available at home, unless you have a pool. Watch the video tutorial and enjoy doing it:

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