Moisturizing the skin: means and procedures

To always look good, you have to make a lot of effort, but the result is worth it. For daily face care, it is not enough to use only nourishing creams and cleansing scrubs, you need to take care of sufficient hydration. This will help prevent peeling, aging, and wrinkles. The best approach to retaining life-giving moisture inside the cells is a comprehensive one based on proper nutrition, drinking regimen and the use of face care cosmetics.

When hydration is required

The lack of moisture leads to various cosmetic problems: peeling, dullness, sagging skin, a feeling of tightness, the appearance of wrinkles. A dehydrated face tends to acquire a gray earthy hue, as a result, a person looks older than his age, tired and haggard. Hydration (hydration) is required not only for dry or aging skin, but also in the presence of certain health problems:

  • intoxication - a state of the body in which there is a violation of the normal functioning of the body due to exposure to toxins or other toxic substances;
  • recently transferred diseases, infections - flu, tonsillitis, bronchitis;
  • gastrointestinal upsets - constipation or diarrhea, bloating;
  • allergic dermatitis, xerosis (abnormal dryness of the skin);
  • hypovitaminosis - a deficiency of vitamins resulting from an unbalanced diet.

How to moisturize your skin at home

Moisturizing products of daily care will help eliminate dryness - lotions, creams, tonics, milk, pharmacy gels. They help restore the required pH level, get rid of peeling and a feeling of tightness. When buying, pay attention to the composition - in a good moisturizing cosmetics should contain one or more substances:

  • glycerol;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • pink or micellar water;
  • green tea;
  • allantoin;
  • urea;
  • mineral oil;
  • lanolin.

Be sure to supplement the basic care with masks that you can not only buy in cosmetic stores, but also cook at home. Masks on the basis of cottage cheese, milk, tomatoes, kefir, citrus fruits nourish the epidermis well. Properly selected face moisturizers are only half the battle. It is important not only to regularly use cosmetics, but also to prevent the appearance of dryness. Dermatologists strongly recommend that you adhere to the following principles:

  • take a warm shower daily instead of a hot bath;
  • while bathing, use soft cream gels, and use body scrubs and peels no more than once a week;
  • if you take a bath, add decoctions of herbs (calendula, chamomile, mint, celery);
  • when visiting a bath, beach or pool, apply a protective cream to your face, and after bathing, be sure to take a shower and use a moisturizer;
  • regularly ventilate the room and maintain optimal humidity - 30-45% in the cold season and 30-60% in the summer;
  • do not abuse the solarium and taking natural sunbathing - it is optimal to be in the sun in the morning (from 7 to 11) or in the evening (from 16.00-19.00);
  • give up bad habits and normalize food;
  • use cosmetics correctly - in the morning moisturizer, at night - nourishing.

How to moisturize the skin from the inside

Lack of fluid in the body leads to a deterioration in the condition of not only the outer layer - the epidermis, but also the dermis (deep skin layer). Due to a lack of moisture, elastin and collagen are lost, two important components of skin elasticity and firmness. As a result of such destructive actions, the face contour “floats”, small facial and deep wrinkles, roughness and microcracks appear.

To provide deep hydration of the skin of the face, one care cosmetics is not enough. For the most effective internal hydration, it is necessary to observe the drinking regime and balance the diet. Useful for maintaining a water-lipid balance is nutricosmetics (oral agents). Get special capsules from the pharmacy with vitamins A and E, unsaturated acids - Omega-3, Omega-6. They will increase the stability of the protective properties of the skin, protect against free radicals, and help prevent the aging process from the inside.

Drinking mode

The water you drink is the main source of youthful skin. It is not only necessary for carrying out biochemical processes in the body, but also for the regeneration of cells, the elasticity and tone of the epidermis, the production of elastin and collagen. To maintain optimal water balance, it is necessary to observe the drinking regime. Calculating the amount of water is simple: 30 ml per 1 kg of weight. The resulting norm must be distributed according to the following scheme:

  • A third of the total volume should be drunk before breakfast. It is better to do this gradually - over 30-40 minutes. It is advisable to drink warm water (38-40 ° C). If it’s hard to drink pure liquid in such a volume, add a little lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey to it.
  • Distribute another third of the total daily allowance for the period of time that falls from breakfast to 5 pm. Dermatologists recommend drinking liquid in equal portions and at regular intervals.
  • The last part should be drunk 2-3 hours before bedtime.

It is important to remember that you can not drink after eating. This disrupts the digestion. If you are very thirsty, you can drink a glass of water 30-60 minutes after eating or with food, but not more than 1/3 of the total amount eaten. Experts emphasize that the drinking regime consists in the use of only water. Coffee, wine, soda, tea - are not part of it.

Proper nutrition

Skin health largely depends on what a person eats. It is worth avoiding sausages, pickled vegetables and fruits, fried foods. Alcoholic, caffeine or sugar-containing drinks act like diuretics, so their consumption is also desirable to reduce to a minimum. High-quality nutrition, aimed at maintaining the body's water balance, should contain products:

  • water-based - watermelons, cucumbers, melon, tomatoes, green salad, onions, celery, oranges, avocados, kiwi, apples;
  • high in vitamins A, B, C, E and natural antioxidants - apricots, strawberries, carrots, blueberries, grapefruit, kale, spinach, pumpkin, carrots, dairy products, yogurt, papaya;
  • with sulfur - eggs, garlic, asparagus, beef, seafood, cheese, beans, wheat germ;
  • with monounsaturated fats, Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids - flax seeds, nuts, oily fish (salmon, mackerel, salmon.

In winter

In the cold, the work of the sebaceous glands slows down, blood circulation processes, the protective layer of the epidermis is gradually thinning. If we add to this the effect of room heaters on the skin, due to which all moisture leaves them, the result will be very sad - a flaky face, a pale and exhausted look, the appearance of a rosaceous network, an increase in the number of wrinkles.

To avoid all this, in winter, skin care must be provided. Take note of the following points:

  • Change the usual sequence of using cosmetics. Daytime moisturizers that you used to apply in the morning in warm weather, use in the evening, and before going out, use a nourishing night cream. Cold pores of the wind, snow, frost, significantly reduce the time of action of light daytime products.
  • Temporarily set aside summer makeup. Instead of loose powder, use pressed. It has more fat, which creates a protective barrier. Replace dry blush and shadows with cream cosmetics.
  • Refuse the use of soap, replacing it with soft foam or a special cleansing milk.
  • Use a scrub twice a week. It will help remove dead particles and tones the skin well. After cleansing, make nutritious masks based on cottage cheese, eggs, honey or other hydration components.
  • Do not go outside without hygienic lipstick. It will not allow the lips to weather, prevent the appearance of cracks and peeling.

Facial Moisturizers

High-quality hydration is impossible without the use of special cosmetics, which can be purchased in supermarkets or specialized stores. Choose the best facial moisturizer depending on its type:

  • Women with normal skin types should use a moisturizer twice a day. Just make sure that it contains ultraviolet filters and has an SPF index of at least 10 - for the winter version of the cream, and from 20 - for the summer.
  • Ladies with a dry type of epidermis should buy moisturizing masks and soft patches for the eyes with aloe vera, mint leaves, rose extracts in addition to a special nourishing cream in the store. Apply masks to pre-cleansed skin 1-2 times a week or as needed.
  • The best moisturizer for the face that does not clog the pores of oily skin is thermal water. It perfectly moisturizes and removes oily sheen. You can use thermal water on top of makeup without worrying about mascara leaking or powder dropping.


Hydration of the skin is ineffective without a properly selected daily cream. In the summer, cosmetologists recommend purchasing a product with a light texture in the form of a gel or fluid. Such a choice will help to avoid clogging of pores and the development of inflammation, which is possible if a dense film forms on the face due to the cream. In winter, you will need products with a dense, dense texture, developed on the basis of hyaluronic acid, collagen, natural shea oils (shea butter), olive, vegetable, sandalwood, jojoba. They may also include:

  • Chitosan is a polysaccharide derived from shellfish. It forms a protective film on the skin, which neutralizes the effects of frost, snow or gusts of strong winds.
  • Liposomes are micro substances that penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis and nourish moisture from the inside.
  • Allantoin - has wound healing properties, protects against frostbite.

The range of moisturizers is very wide. The following brands are especially popular with women:

  • Hyaluronic Moisturizer from Librederm. Suitable for all skin types, does not contain harmful sulfates or parabens. The cream with a very light texture has pronounced moisturizing properties, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, strengthens the frame of the face. The composition of the product includes such additional components: camelina oil, hyaluronic acid, demineralized water, mineral oil. The price for 50 ml of cream is 591-819 rubles.
  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal. The cream provides freshness and beauty of the skin throughout the day, suitable for use in the morning and evening. It consists of: glycerin, thermal water, perfume. Buy 50 ml of Vichy Aqualia Thermal for 1388 rubles.
  • La Roche-Posay TOLERIANE - Cream for the combined and sensitive type of skin. Moisturizes and nourishes all layers of the dermis, has a soothing and calming effect, can be used as a base for makeup. It contains such moisturizing components - glycerin, propylene glycol. The cost of 40 ml is 1134-1420 rubles.


The real "secret weapon" of women is face masks. Special mixtures not only effectively moisturize the skin, but are also able to nourish, bleach, and rejuvenate. Alcohol-free masks with natural oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids are suitable for sensitive epidermis. Owners of a problematic type of dermis need to give preference to compositions with essential oils of tea tree, aloe vera, clay. Applying a mask is a simple procedure familiar to every woman, but here there are subtleties:

  • Before applying a moisturizing composition, be sure to cleanse the skin from makeup, dirt, dust with a scrub.
  • Ideal if you sit for a few minutes over a herbal decoction. This will help the pores open up and take maximum beneficial substances.
  • After cleaning, be sure to wipe the skin with a tonic or lotion.
  • The composition should be applied with a soft brush, moving from the forehead to the chin, and avoiding the area around the eyes.
  • After application, wait for the time indicated on the packaging with the mask. During the procedure, you can not get up, do household chores or walk.
  • After removing the mask, do not forget to apply the cream.

Several types of masks are available. Nutrient mixtures in jars or tubes are suitable for home use, and special fabric masks are convenient to use on trips. The following brands are popular among professional cosmetologists and ordinary women:

  • Avene - a soothing, moisturizing mask based on thermal water. It has a soft creamy texture and does not require rinsing, at the end of the procedure you just need to blot the remaining product with a napkin. The only drawback of the mask is its high cost. For a tube of 50 ml you will have to pay about 1100 rubles.
  • Natura Siberica Frozen Limonnik Nanai energy and nutrition - contains Schisandra extract, natural cedar oil. The mask has moisturizing properties, is able to tighten the contour of the face. The price of a 100 ml jar is 220 rubles.
  • Teana "Magic Ocean Casket" - contains extracts of cinnamon, cloves, minerals, natural seaweed. The product stimulates blood circulation, nourishes the epidermis at the level of the stratum corneum, moisturizes. Before applying the mask must be diluted with water, the proportion is 1 to 3. Five bags, weighing 30 grams, cost from 636 rubles.

Salon treatments

Special salon procedures help restore youth and tighten facial contours. The most popular is glycolic peeling - a superficial cleansing of the epidermis with a mixture of glycolic acid. It is good because it is suitable for any type of skin and has virtually no age restrictions (the procedure is allowed from 15 years). Glycolic acid has a low molecular index, so it penetrates into all layers of the dermis, effectively moisturizes it, and starts the processes of natural production of collagen. The essence of the procedure is as follows:

  1. The beautician uses a brush to apply a weak solution of glycolic acid to the skin, which will soften the stratum corneum.
  2. Following the solution, a glycol gel is applied. Hold for 3-5 minutes, and then cleaned with a special neutralizing fluid.
  3. At the final stage, a mask with a calming effect is applied to the face.

Glycolic peeling is recommended to take courses in 4-12 sessions. After the procedure, it is forbidden to visit saunas, take hot baths, or go to the beach. The restrictions for this type of humidification are standard:

  • the presence of injuries, scratches, open wounds;
  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of formations - hanging moles, papillomas, warts;
  • recent hormone therapy.

A relatively new facial mesotherapy procedure is biorevitalization. For its use, hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is used as the basis. It not only nourishes the cells with life-giving moisture, but is also called upon to activate blood circulation and stimulate the production of collagen. The procedure is carried out in two ways:

  • Injection To do this, hyaluronic gel is introduced into places with pronounced signs of dryness or aging using a thin needle until small papules appear.
  • With a laser. The penetration of the agent into the deeper layers of the dermis is carried out through the action of laser radiation.

The course of biorevitalization is 2-4 sessions.After the procedure, it is forbidden to scrub or cleanse the face with mechanical peels, take hot baths, or be in the sun. Like all other procedures, biorevitalization has a number of strict contraindications, which include:

  • individual hyaluronic acid intolerance;
  • period of pregnancy or lactation;
  • herpes infection during an exacerbation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases.

Folk remedies for moisturizing the skin of the face

Saturation of the skin with moisture is possible not only with the help of salon procedures or purchased creams, but also with the use of homemade cosmetics of own preparation. Steam baths with decoctions and infusions of herbs (chamomile, calendula, mint) give a good effect. Lotions or compresses with honey, homemade cream or lotion with cream, sour cream, fresh fruit juice. It should be remembered that the lack of effect of self-medication for 2-3 weeks is an occasion to consult specialists.

Homemade Moisturizing Masks

Moisturizing the facial skin at home with masks - a banana, oat, egg, vegetable, with the addition of citrus zest, occupies a special place. Such recipes are also popular:

  • Measure 1 tbsp. l wheat grains. Grind to flour. Separate one yolk from the protein, beat the protein part into a lush foam. Add 1 tsp to the egg mixture. honey, wheat flour, mix gently. Apply the mask on cheesecloth, folded in two layers, leave on face for 30 minutes. Wash off the rest of the product with warm water, and then apply a moisturizing face cream.
  • Pour 2 potato tubers with water and boil until ready together with the peel, then cool and peel. Grind in mashed potatoes, adding to the potato 2 tbsp. l milk, 1 yolk. Heat the resulting slurry over low heat to 35-38 ° C. Apply a warm mixture to the face, covering with a gauze bandage. After 30 minutes, rinse off the mask with warm water.
  • Stir 1 tbsp. sour cream with the yolk of one egg. Add ½ tsp to the mixture. lemon zest, 10 drops of olive oil. Apply the product to the face with a brush, leave for 25 minutes. After rinsing off the mask with warm water, apply face cream.


To prepare the mask, take 1% kefir or replace it with yogurt, sour cream, yogurt. The process of preparing the nutrient mixture is simple:

  1. Measure out 2 tbsp. l kefir, 2 tsp potato starch, 3 tbsp. l powdered green tea.
  2. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, then add ½ teaspoon of olive oil to them.
  3. Mix the mass again, apply on face.
  4. After 15-20 minutes, rinse off the rest of the product.

From tomato

A simple moisturizing composition will cleanse the skin of black spots, nourish the cells with life-giving moisture, and help get rid of age spots. Scheme for preparing a tomato mask:

  1. Pour boiling water over one large tomato, remove the skin.
  2. Grate the pulp or knead with a fork.
  3. Add to the tomato 1 tsp. starch.
  4. Apply the mixture to the face with a brush.
  5. Leave on for 25 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Plum lotion

When the dermis is dehydrated, even a simple washing with soap can cause discomfort, the use of alcohol tonics and lotions brings the same sensations. Dermatologists recommend choosing soft cosmetic products that will relieve dryness, give a feeling of hydration. You can also prepare lotion at home from plums, milk, sour cream or low-fat cream. The recipe is simple:

  1. Sprinkle plums with boiling water and remove the peel.
  2. Grind the pulp with a blender.
  3. Transfer the resulting slurry to cheesecloth, squeeze half a glass of juice.
  4. Mix fruit juice with the same amount of milk or cream.
  5. Wipe face contours with lotion every day. Store the remnants in the refrigerator for no longer than 2-3 weeks.

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