Leather leggings - how to choose from genuine or eco-leather and an overview of stylish models by brand and price

For several seasons in a row, stylists recommend that women wear leather pants, combining them with classic shirts, elongated tunics, sweaters, sweaters and even dresses. Such a universal thing, complemented by suitable accessories (scarves, straps, jewelry, bags) and competently matching shoes will help to quickly create a casual, festive, office look. The main thing is to be able to choose a model of leather leggings that is suitable for a particular case and follow the fashion trends of the season.

What are leggings

Today, in fashionistas’s wardrobes, there are tight-fitting models of trousers made of elastic materials (natural, artificial leather, viscose knitwear, polyester, supplex) that perfectly fit the leg, with prints, inserts, zippers, appliques, plain, long, shortened, with plaques. These are leggings (from the English. Leggings - leggings), considered a kind of leggings.

Leggings began to be made at the end of the 18th century from tanned elk or deerskin as military trousers. Only in the second half of the 20th century, they become a universal element of both men's and women's sports wardrobe. The difference between leggings and leggings:

  • They are only female models, while leggings are universal.
  • They are used to create a fashionable look, some models have a dragging, massage, therapeutic effect, but are not suitable for sports.
  • The style of leggings suggests the possibility of sewing simultaneously from different types of material (models with inserts), when sewing leggings use a one-piece fit.
  • Sewing is carried out from synthetic or natural materials (leather, linen, cotton), demi-season and winter models are made with fleece lining; the main material in the manufacture of leggings is synthetics.
  • The density of the material corresponds to thin trousers, the density of the material of leggings is close to the density of thick tights.
  • A large variety of such trousers: capri pants, leggings, juggins, breeches.

How to wear leather leggings

Fashionable women of the capital love to make stylish bows with leather leggings, but not everyone knows how to correctly combine this item of clothing with blouses, jackets, shoes, accessories. There are a number of rules for creating a harmonious image:

  1. The ideal time of year for choosing leather tight trousers is winter, off-season (spring, autumn), warming clothes to the middle of the thigh are perfect for them: warm fitted or baggy sweaters, tunics, cardigans. Leggings can be worn in the summer on a non-hot day or, having made a fashionable image for an evening celebration, walk, date.
  2. Elongated white, colored shirts, colored plain or printed with the skin of wild animals tunics will add femininity and harmony to the image, no shorter than to the middle of the thigh. For plain shirts or tunics, it is recommended to choose a thin leather belt to match the color of the trousers.
  3. You can combine genuine leather leggings with almost any shoe, with the exception of sports sneakers: classic high or low heel boats, shoes, ballet flats, high heels (leather or suede) with heels or flat shoes, ankle boots, uggs, half boots, sneakers, shoes on a platform or hairpin.
  4. Dressed in a classic shirt and stilettos, combined with leather trousers, create a business-like look that suits a female leader. Such a bow can be complemented with an elongated jacket with lapels or a fitted jacket.
  5. Stylists this season recommend not to bare your stomach, so short tops are best not to combine with leggings (if we are not talking about sports models).
  6. Skinny trousers with animal print (imitation of the skin of a tiger, leopard, zebra), it is desirable to combine with a plain top, in a color type in harmony with leggings.
  7. Voluminous blouses, blouses, sweaters can "overload" the top, they are suitable for tall fashionistas, girls of small stature are better not to combine such clothes with leather leggings.
  8. The following bow is suitable for full girls with wide hips: a leather bottom combined with a loose tunic to the middle of the thigh, low shoes or low boots matching the tunic, dark large glasses, a small handbag.
  9. The most fashionable color this spring is burgundy, stylists designate it with the beautiful word "sangria". This bottom perfectly combines with elements of clothing in black and beige colors, classic high-heeled shoes, ankle boots. The image is elegant and sexy at the same time.

Ready-made options will help you create your stylish image for a fashionable woman. Check out the latest fashion trends and combinations:

  • For spring walks, meetings with friends, an image combining a leather bottom, an elongated denim shirt, boots or low shoes on a flat sole, and a dark cardigan is suitable. It is recommended to supplement the bow with a felt hat, a voluminous leather bag without massive decor elements, and sunglasses.
  • It is recommended that young girls and lovers of a sporty style combine a leather bottom with bright hoodies (plain or with fashionable prints), boots or boots with flat soles, massive bags of a classic shape.
  • Colored leather leggings are combined with a white T-shirt or top, it is recommended to wear a jacket or fitted jacket on top, instead of which you can use a vest also fitted in summer. Ideally complement the image of high-heeled shoes, a small lacquered women's handbag in a neutral (preferably beige) color, silver or white gold jewelry.
  • To create a romantic look, it is recommended to combine leather pants with an elongated knit sweater in pastel shades, complementing the bow with high leather, suede boots, ankle boots, a belt of any width, a felt hat.
  • Warm winter models are combined with a classic coat of white, sand colors. It is recommended to complement the image with a dark hat or hat, a scarf, platform shoes, stable heels, closed ankle boots.
  • A combination of leather pants with a dark top, a classic black tank top, a leather jacket or a red and black checkered shirt, high leather boots, ankle boots with metal fittings creates an informal image. Femininity of such a bow will be given by stylish bracelets, earrings, interesting makeup.

Who will suit

Pants made of leather, creating a unique feminine image, loved by girls and women of all ages, but not suitable for everyone. Elastic trousers are designed to emphasize the dignity of the figure of her mistress: if the girl is a tall, slender owner of beautiful legs and hips, all models will suit her (plain, multi-colored, with prints, shortened, with a high or low waist). Full girls should purchase black models (it is possible with vertical inserts), combining them with an elongated top.

Women can wear leather trousers from a young age up to 50 years. True, it should be understood that a girl for a party, a walk, a date, a cropped blouse and massive boots will do. For a woman from 35 years old, such elements will be unacceptable. Combining elastic trousers with classic elongated shirts and high-heeled shoes, you can create an image for a social event, office dress code, walks, meetings with friends.

How to choose leather leggings

A large selection of trousers made of black or colored leather, eco-leather, with inserts is presented in online stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Before you buy leather leggings, read the recommendations and the rules for choosing these models:

  • try to choose models by size (they should not hang or unnecessarily tighten the figure, causing discomfort from pressure when wearing);
  • dark models with vertical inserts visually lengthen the legs, give them harmony;
  • tall or tall girls with beautiful legs will suit classic or cropped multi-colored and black models; women of short stature are advised to pay attention to long trousers of light, beige shades;
  • when buying, pay attention to the density of the product (with a high density of material, leggings are more like trousers than tights, which allows you to combine them with a short top);
  • the internal seams when worn should not rub the skin, puff, shine, linen under them is also better to choose seamless;
  • Do not be afraid to experiment with the colors of the trousers (burgundy, blue, brown), girls with wide hips are recommended to pay attention to the black models that hide the flaws of the figure, combined with elongated shirts, tunics.

With leather accents

Girls who are not at risk of wearing trousers made entirely of leather will suit leggings with leather inserts that go well with brightly colored T-shirts or plain colors. For such models, it is better to choose high-heeled shoes or a platform. Check out the following model:

  • Model Name: CONTESSA.
  • Price: 1300 - 1800 rubles.
  • Characteristics: color - black, composition - 60% polyester, 5% elastane, 35% polyurethane, front part - eco leather, back - knitted fabric, equipped with a wide elastic belt and side pockets.
  • Pluses: stylish, the average fit does not constrain movement, the breathable knitted fabric and elastic eco-leather provide comfort when worn.
  • Cons: only hand wash, do not wring and iron.

The presented leggings from a domestic manufacturer goes well with high-heeled shoes:

  • Model Name: Angela Ricci.
  • Price: 1900 rub.
  • Characteristics: color - black, composition - ecoskin (vertical side inserts), knitwear (90% polyester, 10% elastane), medium fit, pants length 102 cm.
  • Pros: stylish, visually lengthen the leg, affordable price.
  • Cons: small size range, rarely found in stores.

Eco leather

In appearance, eco-leather leggings do not differ from natural counterparts, but cheaper, they are suitable for the off-season, because often possess fleecy lining. You can create a fashionable spring look by complementing such trousers with a tunic, a blouse with a V-neck, a gray or beige coat, low-soled boots, ankle boots with metal fittings and a large bag. Pay attention to the following pants:

  • Model Name: LOST INK.
  • Price: 2800 rub.
  • Characteristics: color - black, composition - 76% viscose, 21% nylon, 3% elastane, side zipper, size range 40-50, high rise, fleece lining.
  • Pros: insulated, suitable for winter, off-season, stylish, comfortable, affordable price.
  • Cons: not suitable for the warm season, not washable.

Below are some unusual leggings that combine with stiletto heels and high boots:

  • Model Name: Y.O.U.
  • Price: 3500 rub.
  • Characteristics: color - black, composition - 90% polyester, 10% elastane, without fastener, skinny pants with a high fit and elastic straps, complemented by an internal teal finish.
  • Pros: comfortable elastic belt, original, suitable for the offseason, good quality.
  • Cons: can not be washed, visually shorten legs, slide, look ugly with ankle boots.

The beautiful River Island leggings are great for creating an office look. Features of trousers:

  • Model Name: River Island.
  • Price: 3500 rub.
  • Characteristics: color - black, composition - artificial leather (100% polyurethane), side zipper, shortened, tapered cut, high waist.
  • Pros: stylish, when worn with high-heeled shoes visually lengthens the leg, sits well, has a pleasant matte shade.
  • Cons: suitable only for tall girls, it is recommended to wear with stilettos.

Genuine leather

Pleasant natural materials will add femininity, refined sophistication, originality to the image with tight-fitting trousers. Such models are combined with classic plain shirts, turtlenecks with fur vests, high leather boots, ankle boots, loafers, ballet shoes, and boats. We suggest considering the characteristics of the following trousers:

  • Model Name: GUESS.
  • Price: 36 700 rub.
  • Characteristics: color - black, composition - 100% genuine leather.
  • Pros: natural material, soft leather, a well-known brand, are sold at a discount in some online stores, give a status to the image, washing in cold water is allowed.
  • Cons: expensive, in the process of socks are a little stretched.

The model below will help you create a casual or festive look. Check it out:

  • Model Name: RICK CARDONA.
  • Price: 17300 rub.
  • Characteristics: color - gray, composition - 100% genuine leather, 100% polyester - interior trim, there is a decorative stitching in the knees.
  • Pros: natural soft material, German quality, straight classic cut.
  • Cons: available only in gray, a small size range, delivery is from Europe, you have to wait a few days.


Trendy burgundy leather leggings will help create a unique feminine look this spring. They are ideally combined with cardigans, blouses, cozy sweaters of neutral calm tones (mint, beige, brown, deep blue). Shoes (shoes, boots, ankle boots) to this image should be selected with high heels. Pay attention to these pants:

  • Model Name: River Island.
  • Price: 3600 rub.
  • Characteristics: color - burgundy, composition - 100% polyurethane, lining composition - 90% polyester, 10% elastane, mid-landing, varnish.
  • Pros: comfortable fit, elastic band on the inside prevents slipping, affordable, fashionable color.
  • Cons: extravagant, poorly breathable.

We offer to consider the trousers of the French manufacturer of genuine leather. Check out the features:

  • Model Name: Giorgio.
  • Price: 59800 rub.
  • Characteristics: color - burgundy, composition - 100% genuine leather, in the knees there is a decorative stitching.
  • Pros: European brand, fashionable color, natural materials, comfortable fit, quality, can be found at a discount.
  • Cons: very expensive.


Arina, 19 I can’t imagine my wardrobe without leggings, most of all I love combined ones (faux leather in front, dense knitted fabric in the back). At the institute I wear with ankle boots, a white or blue fitted shirt or tunic vest. If winter, then with boots, a beige pullover. I have never met anything more universal and convenient!
Svetlana, 31 In her youth, she was embarrassed to wear leather trousers, such a bow seemed to me impudent, defiant, eventually realized that I needed to learn how to correctly combine wardrobe elements. For me, leggings are universal clothing: to meet girlfriends, take a walk with a child, and go to a movie with my husband. I also often wear to work, since there is no dress code.
Victoria, 24 When a friend posted her next photo in new leather trousers, I realized that I wanted the same. I decided to order similar ones, but at the first exit I felt uncomfortable (they pressed, moved out, exposing my back), it seemed everyone was looking at me. Maybe then I chose the wrong style or size, but I don’t wear leggings anymore.
Oleg, 28 I wanted to choose a birthday present for my girlfriend worth up to 8 thousand rubles, my sister advised me to buy leather leggings, she says, this is fashionable and original as a gift. Enthusiasm knew no bounds; she felt like a queen! True, there is a drawback: her legs attract too much male attention.