Tsifoks - composition and form of release, method of application, dosage and price

If necessary, get rid of synanthropic insects (flies, cockroaches, bugs, rat ticks and others) at home or on the site, it is recommended to pay attention to such an effective insecticidal preparation as Tsifoks. This tool has appeared recently, but has already managed to gain wide popularity, both among those who are faced with the problem of pests by occupation, and among ordinary consumers. Tsifoks is used even by SES employees for room treatments. In order to get rid of insects in a short time, it is necessary to use the drug correctly.

Instructions for use Tsifoksa

The drug is presented in the form of a clear yellowish liquid with a pungent chemical odor. After dilution, the solution becomes milky. It is important to approach the treatment correctly, to prepare not only the liquid, but also the room, overalls. This product should not be used without protective suits, respirators or headbands, goggles. If in contact with the drug without protective clothing, the corrosive components of the product will lead to severe allergic reactions or even intoxication of the body.

The emulsion is applied to floors, plinths, walls, shelves, backs of furniture. It is important not to forget to process the surfaces behind paintings, cabinets, carpets, sofas. The liquid begins to act 10-15 minutes after treatment. As a rule, the drug copes with the task the first time - no need to re-process. 10 hours after the procedure, it is necessary to ventilate the rooms and do a thorough cleaning of the house - wash floors, walls, wipe surfaces with a damp rag, bedspreads, and wash fabric coverings.

Composition and form of release

The drug is released in bottles of different volumes (50, 500, 1000 ml). A bottle with 50 ml of emulsion concentrate is enough to process an apartment with a small area. This emulsion of a wide range of effects is included in the group of pyrethroid preparations of the second generation. The liquid contains the active substance cypermethrin, which is assigned to the group of pyrethroids and is found in many insecticidal medicines, and various additives.

SubstanceAmount (in%)
Perfumes, emulsifiers, solvents75

Tsifoks properties

The high efficiency of the solution is explained by the fact that the active substance, getting on the insect, penetrates through the skin inside, has a nerve-paralytic effect and kills it. Even if thoroughly cleaned after disinfestation, the drug will continue to act on insects.

Indications for use

Use this solution if necessary to destroy ants, flies, ticks, bugs, fleas. The drug is useful for combating ixodid ticks - pathogens of encephalitis, borreliosis. It can come in handy for pediculosis or scabies to eliminate lice and ticks. This emulsion concentrate is used in the processing of subway cars or railway vehicles from arthropods and other insects. The liquid is used not only indoors - it is bred to combat the components of the midges in water bodies or to remove synanthropic insects from the territory of suburban areas.

Dosage and administration

Acaricidal preparation is bred, based on the degree of infection of the premises and the sensitivity of the population to substances. To get rid of ants, the solution is used in a dosage: 2 ml per 1 liter of water. To disinfect ticks in the same amount of liquid, 6 ml of emulsion is diluted. The liquid is poured into the sprayer, the entire area is processed. A small brush is used to disinfect hard to reach areas.

How to breed Tsifoks

The dosage given in the instructions for the drug should be observed. It is diluted with running water. Use the solution immediately after its preparation. The emulsion is mixed for several minutes to evenly distribute the active substance. After that, the liquid is poured into the prepared apparatus for processing. All work with this tool is carried out in overalls.

Tsifoks from bugs

The effectiveness and long-term residual effect of the drug helps to cope not only with adults, but also with bugs that have not even come out of eggs. The finished solution is applied to cracks and holes in the walls and floors, window sills, the back of the furniture, bed frame, carpets. After disinfestation, it is important to thoroughly wash all surfaces and fabrics to avoid poisoning. The premises must be ventilated for at least one hour.

Tsifoks from cockroaches

Cockroaches die 30 minutes after the start of treatment. In some cases, repeated pest control may be required. With a strong occupancy of the premises with cockroaches, 2 ml of the drug is diluted per liter of water. Not only places of accumulation of insects are processed, but also all possible surfaces of their movement, including sockets, electrical appliances, the back of carpets.

Fly and mosquito treatment

From this kind of insect, a 0.1% emulsion solution is used. If a summer cottage is being processed, it is imperative to spray near the toilet and garbage cans. It is better to carry out pest control in the summer months. It is allowed to use in ponds if there is no breeding of commercial fish on them. In this case, a solution of a weak concentration is also used.

Special instructions

Since Tsifoks is a toxic substance, some rules must be observed when working with it. Otherwise, there are complications in the form of poisoning, rash and other reactions. Using this medication is not recommended for people with pesticide sensitivity. It is better to move out of the apartment for a few days until the drug disappears. The following recommendations must be observed:

  • Do not leave dishes or food in the room. If it is not possible to carry kitchen utensils, you should wrap them in plastic bags or cling film.
  • Children’s toys and clothes must be taken out of the room.
  • After disinsection, if there were any fabric items in the rooms - bedspreads, curtains, they should be washed in water at a temperature of 90-100 ° C.
  • Ideally, the room is de-energized, since sockets and switches must be sprayed with a product.

First aid for drug poisoning

With intoxication as a result of using Tsifoks, signs such as headache, respiratory tract irritation, vomiting, and salivation develop. If such manifestations are detected, it is necessary:

  1. To remove things that were on the person during processing, throw them away.
  2. Take a shower washing your skin with soap and water.
  3. Rinse your mouth with a mild soda solution.
  4. If the drug has got into the respiratory tract, on the mucous membranes, in the oral cavity - you need to rinse your stomach, cause vomiting.
  5. Take the adsorbent.

Terms of sale and storage

The drug is sold in hardware stores, veterinary pharmacies. Some consumers prefer to purchase such funds through online stores. Keep Tsifoks is necessary, observing certain rules. You can not leave it in places located next to heating systems, fire. The container must be hermetically sealed. After dilution, the solution is not stored. In no case should the composition be stored in a room with food or utensils.


There are several drugs similar to Tsifoks in composition and action. By the degree of impact on the human body, they are considered more dangerous. Although their composition may include the same active substance. Before use, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions for use and strictly adhere to the recommendations contained in it. It is important to comply with the dosage. When using any of them, it is necessary to wear protective overalls. The following Tsifoks analogues are known:

  • Sychlor. In addition to Cypermethrin, chlorpyrifos is included in its composition. Recommended for professional handling. The action in the room lasts for a month. When processing, it should be remembered that the drug damages paint and varnish on the surfaces of furniture and walls.
  • Super Fas. Contains thiamethoxam and pyrethroid zetacipermethrin. Available in powder or tablet form. It is diluted in tap water before use.
  • Ciradon. Helps to cope with scabies mites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, flies and other types of insects. Used in apartments, industrial premises, ponds. For treatment, foci of accumulation of insects are sprayed.
  • Tetracin. This drug is used by pest control workers. They are treated by educational institutions, medical centers, warehouses, hotels. One day after the manipulation, a thorough wet cleaning is done.
  • Biocifen. In addition to cypermethrin, fenthion is included. Quickly destroys insects. The effect after treatment lasts for another 2 months.
  • Tsipromal. Contains cypermethrin, malathion, antioxidants and other additives. The effect of the drug begins after it enters the intestines of insects. Helps to get rid of adults and larvae.
  • Extermin-Ts. the drug is notable for its affordable price, effectiveness and long-term exposure.

Tsifoks's price

This insecticidal drug belongs to the middle price category. Although it is more often used by pest control specialists, Tsifoks is available for sale in veterinary pharmacies, department stores, and you can choose the right amount at an attractive price. In Moscow, this effective emulsion can be bought at the following prices:

Tsifoks VolumePrices, p.
50 ml100-370
500 ml400-660
1000 ml800-1200


Andrey, 28 years old: They were processing in the office when cockroaches began to appear. The remedy is very caustic - the smell was still several days old, on the first day even my head ached in the evening. But the effect really is, for four months not a single cockroach. I recommend to everyone. Only be sure to ventilate the room well after processing.
Sergey, 35 years old: Tsifoks is a good remedy. Insects disappeared after a couple of hours. The only thing is to do disinsection better with your neighbors. Processing was enough for a month, then cockroaches began to appear again. Use is easy. It is necessary to dilute the solution and spray from the spray bottle all the places where insects are concentrated - corners, baseboards.
Natasha, 32 years old: We performed Tsifoks disinfestation in the country so that flies, mosquitoes and ants would stop torturing us. The effect is instant. Satisfied with the result. But it strongly affects the body. Next time we will do the processing with the windows and doors open. Many unpleasant symptoms appear - nausea, headache. My husband even had vomiting in the evening.