Rose gold - how to choose and what is the difference from other types, products and methods of care

As a result of an erroneous ratio of impurities in gold, a precious pink metal appeared. This alloy was considered defective in the Middle Ages and was not used in jewelry production. Time passed, and this type of product found fans. Every year the scope is expanding and more and more interesting products appear in the assortment of jewelry companies. How to understand the samples and is it worth buying pink and red jewelry?

What is rose gold

The type of this precious metal differs from others in the copper content in the composition. Ligature with copper gives a reddish tint. The smaller it is, the pinker the color, less pronounced. Products with a high percentage of copper are reddish with intense gloss. There is a white alloy on store shelves. The color is determined by the palladium content, sometimes there is nickel or platinum. A low percentage of silver stains the precious metal in a yellow-green hue.

What is different from usual

The difference between pink gold and traditional yellow is not only in color, but also in characteristics. The tint is obtained due to the presence in the precious metal of fractions of copper and silver. Because of them, a pinkish colored overflow is formed. Products are marked with standard samples, as with a standard familiar to everyone, from the lowest and cheapest 375 to the higher 750 and 585.


Each sample contains a specific percentage of metals. The number 375 means that the precious alloy and copper in the jewelry are equally divided, and silver is 25%. This metal is distinguished by a scarlet shade and a reddish color, reminiscent of the "mother's" treasure. The sign of test 750 on the jewelry indicates that the precious metal content is 75%, the color is bright yellow, typical. The mass of gold in the product is easy to determine. For example, to find out how much precious metal is in the ring or earrings of sample 858, you need to multiply the weight of the jewelry by 85.8% - get the mass in grams.

Mass application in jewelry received alloy 585. Such a metal is super flexible, strong and durable at the same time, the content of pure gold in it is 58.5%. The tide is gentle, attracting the attention of both ladies and young girls. The tenderness of the shade will depend on the proportion of silver and copper - the more silver, the jewel looks lighter, and vice versa.

TryGold Content,%ColourProductsBuying price, rubles / gram
35035Yellowish or reddishCigarette cases, figurines, home decorationfrom 2000
37537,5RedWedding rings in the USSR. Now not used.840-890
58358RedNot applicable1300
58558,5Pinkish, yellow, green, white, redWidely used in all kinds of products.1420
75075Standard yellow, white with a greenish tint, reddish or pinkishSmall jewelry, earrings, cufflinks, pendants1600-1800
87587,5YellowDistributed in the Middle East. Coins are minted in Mexico.-
99999,9RedIn banking for the manufacture of ingots and coins2150-2390

Rose Gold Jewelry

One of the properties of pink metal is increased ductility. Jewelers appreciate it for its elasticity and ease of processing. The ring in pink gold turns out to be fantasy, interesting and attractive. Earrings or bracelets are made with drawing or with inserts of precious stones. During the sales period, you can find your favorite jewelry for an excellent price.

The delicate pendant Estet 01Р010405 in the form of a sheet will complement the romantic image of a young girl or strict lady. An indisputable plus is the accurate execution and interesting design of the decoration.

  • Name: Estet 01Р010405.
  • Price: 2240 rubles.
  • Characteristics: 585 red gold, weight 0,31 g, golden color.
  • Pros: unusual shape.
  • Cons: small size.

An elegant Estet chain bracelet will be a great gift for a lovely lady. The product will favorably emphasize a narrow wrist, add variety to everyday life and remain fashionable for many years.

  • Name: Estet 01В7100530.
  • Price: 4100 r.
  • Characteristics: Au 585, weight 1.28 g, golden color.
  • Pros: tenderness, style, simplicity.
  • Cons: thin and fragile.

Triangle earrings-studs 585 samples are relevant in any season and have been trending for many years. Suitable for girls of any type of appearance. Relevant at a youth party, and at a social event.

  • Name: D0268-02741.
  • Price: 5772 p.
  • Characteristics: Au 585, weight 1.28 g, red color.
  • Pros: suitable for daily wear, reliable fixation.
  • Cons: no inserts.

How to care for rose gold

The pinkish alloy in jewelry will suit any age. Gold favorably emphasizes stones and fine cut. Delicate products look good with a variety of clothing styles. Rose gold wedding rings are a great choice for honeymooners. For family heirlooms and treasures to serve for a long time, they need proper care. Compliance with simple rules will help to maintain the luster of the yellow metal for a long time. It is impossible:

  • boil decorations;
  • allow contact with mercury, acids, soap;
  • abrasive clean;
  • Throw on a hard surface.

How to choose rose gold

When buying jewelry, you need to pay attention to labeling, sample, carats. The higher the number, the more precious metal, but the price is higher. Finished products from this alloy are reliable and strong, but for everyday wear it is better to choose 585 samples. Now there is a huge assortment of gold products on sale - from pinkish to almost red. A lower percentage in the ring or suspension is an indicator of the reduced resistance of the product to external damage and impact.


Maria, 36 years old A colleague boasted a chic pink-tinted ring, I really liked it. Measured in different colors. I'm dark, red came up best and there was a discount. I bought in St. Petersburg. I wanted to buy one piece of jewelry, but I chose a set of earrings and a pendant. I received a lot of compliments from unfamiliar men. I recommend to buy.
Anatoly, 46 years old. I ordered my wife in the online store for stocks diamond earrings. The consultant recommended unusual color palettes and showed the decoration, purple gold. Everything was packed in a velvet case. Two months have passed, the fasteners have not broken, the stones are in place, there are no scratches, the shade has not been erased. Earrings shine like new. I recommend to purchase.
Nick, 19 years old I hate ordinary things. I saw a bracelet in the form of a thin chain in a supermarket. The method of manufacturing diamond cutting. It was in yellow and pink, took in the last color. The mechanism is reliable, the clasp is strong, double, the links are sealed, the bracelet can be worn independently. With a bright manicure it looks fashionable and relevant. I recommend to young girls.
Maria, 24 years old. I bought my husband a red ring with mail delivery. We are in different cities, I am in Moscow, and he is in a small village. There was little money and took not very expensive, 350 samples. It turned out to be a ring with low hardness, broke in half at the welding site, crumbled into pieces. Choose with a high content of precious metal, I had a “foil”.

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