Lamps for the kitchen - how to choose floor, wall or LED

An important addition to any interior design is light. The correct use of natural and artificial lighting can emphasize all the individual characteristics of the style and design of furniture in all rooms. For the kitchen, this is of particular importance, given the fact that this is the most visited place in a house or apartment. The importance of lighting does not depend on the size of the kitchen or the selected furniture - the correct selection of the types of lamps, installing them in the right places will bring additional comfort, making cooking more enjoyable.

How to choose fixtures for the kitchen

Before buying lighting products, decide what exactly you want to see. Artificial light for the kitchen can perform several functions:

  • Interior - is able to visually make adjustments to the perception of the room. The hidden illumination of the ceiling around the perimeter visually increases its height, the lighting of the walls - pushes the room. A bright chandelier with powerful lamps will illuminate all distant corners and make the kitchen larger.
  • Zone light - is able to illuminate different areas of the kitchen in different ways. Illumination of the working surface on which cooking takes place should be bright, but as natural as possible. Separate fixtures can stand out washing, dining area.
  • Designer light - outlines the individual elements of the kitchen set, makes it easier to access items of kitchen utensils.

Different kitchen fixtures can use lamps for the kitchen that differ in type and power, which are divided into:

  • Incandescent lamps - give a yellow light more familiar to the eye, but consume a lot of electricity, generate heat, therefore their use is desirable only on ceiling chandeliers in general lighting.
  • Fluorescent fluorescent lamps are more economical, but frequent use leads to flickering, energy-saving technologies have given a second life to this type, but not everyone likes their cold light.
  • Neon light - has an original and unusual appearance, but is used only for decorative purposes.
  • Halogen - an economical and durable type, compared with an incandescent lamp.
  • LED - the most modern type of lighting fixtures, characterized by low power consumption, bright glow, small size.

Of great importance in choosing the type of lamp is its location in the kitchen interior, which happens:

  • external - this is all ceiling chandeliers for the kitchen, overhead lights, lighting fixtures with wall mounts;
  • hidden (built-in) - interior lighting, lighting of individual elements of the kitchen, design light for minimalist styles, hi-tech, etc.

Creating a competent kitchen lighting system ends with the choice of a way to control all lighting fixtures. It can be:

  • hidden switches near each of the kitchen areas;
  • classic - at the entrance to the kitchen, which can be performed in a stylish line of one-, two-key switches and dimmers;
  • touch controllers (dimmers) - a technically more complex device that provides greater comfort;
  • remote controls for individual lamps or their groups;
  • Intelligent lighting control systems as part of the general computerized Smart Home systems.

Types of fixtures for the kitchen

The main types of lighting devices that differ significantly in appearance are:

  • ceiling lights, divided into chandeliers, pendant and overhead lamps with lamps of various types;
  • lampshades - floor or wall lighting devices that are installed on floor lamps;
  • LED - a modern class of fixtures that can have a point and strip design.

It is easy to buy a lamp for the kitchen in construction or electrical stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg or other Russian cities. A large assortment of them is represented by online stores. The most inexpensive models are collected on the YandexMarket page. It is possible to choose inexpensive options for photos with discounts, reduced prices on sales or promotions. Goods in the online store can be ordered and paid by any means available, both bank and electronic money. Delivery of purchases by mail is made to any city in the country cheaply.


Regardless of the size of the kitchen, the most common are ceiling lights. They can be a combination of metal, glass, wood and plastic. The presented classic version of such a TM Alta device (Italy) can be equipped with incandescent lamps, energy-saving fluorescent or LED:

  • Name: Arte Lamp ALTA A3012PL-2CC;
  • price: 1 490 rubles;
  • characteristics: height - 110 mm, length - 280 mm, width - 280 mm, 2 lamps of 40 W each, cap - E27, lighting area - 4 sq. m, base - galvanized chromed metal, glass shade, power supply voltage - 220 V , weight - 0.6 kg, degree of protection - IP20;
  • pluses: installation of any type of lamp is possible;
  • Cons: not equipped with lamps.

Russian manufacturers do not lag behind foreign companies in the quality and design of fixtures. The Globo brand launches a range of modern lighting products from the Burgundy collection:

  • name: Globo Burgundy 40404-2;
  • price: 2 020 p.;
  • characteristics: height - 100 mm, diameter - 300 mm, socle E27, 2 incandescent bulbs of 40 W each, lighting area - 4.4 sq. m, chrome fittings, white glass shades;
  • pluses: when using LED lamps is suitable for stretch ceilings;
  • Cons: no remote control.


Pendant kitchen chandeliers can give the brightest light. This may be one large chandelier in the center of the room or a pendant structure of several lamps above the working area, sink or dining table. The presented version of TM Arte Lamp (Italy) from the Fuoco collection is made in the loft style:

  • Name: Arte Lamp Fuoco A9265PL-9CC;
  • price: 7 990 r.;
  • characteristics: height - 210 mm, diameter - 430 mm, 9 60 W incandescent lamps with E27 socket, total power 540 W, illuminated area - 30 sq. m, chrome fittings, design shades;
  • pluses: interesting design;
  • cons: expensive.

The Russian company Aurora produces household lighting fixtures. The proposed version of the chandelier in the kitchen from the Sahara collection is suitable for the Provence style:

  • name: Aurora Sahara 10067-5C;
  • price: 8 070 r.;
  • characteristics: width - 540 mm, height - 260 mm, 5 60 W incandescent lamps with E14 cap, illuminated area - 16.7 sq. m, voltage - 230 V, glass, round, white shades. degree of protection - IP 20;
  • pluses: manufacturer's warranty - 18 months;
  • Cons: A small base limits the range of possible lamps.


The greatest cosiness of the room can give the design of lighting fixtures with lampshades. Their modern types are made of plastic, glass, fabric. The presented version of TM Khrustal (Russia) from the Allata series has a crystal lampshade that scatters the light of three lamps, and crystal beautifully refracts light in the entire spectrum:

  • name: Allata Eurosvet;
  • price: 7 807 r.;
  • characteristics: length - 440 mm, width - 440 mm, stand height - 1550 mm, weight - 6.08 kg, 3 lamps x 40 W, E14 base, chrome-plated stand in black, lampshade - crystal;
  • pluses: bright white light;
  • Cons: no lamps included.

Lampshade designs of luminaires look good on floor lamps, suspensions to the ceiling and wall mounting options. The proposed version of the lighting fixture ТМ Odeon Light (Italy) from the Gesso collection has an elegant plaster plafond for the kitchen:

  • name: Odeon Light Gesso 3546 / 1W wall;
  • price: 2 165 r.;
  • characteristics: width - 115 mm, height - 240 mm, depth - 108 mm, E14 base, 1 incandescent lamp 40 W, lighting area - 2.2 sq. m, voltage - 220 V, fittings - metal, plafond material - white gypsum , degree of protection IP20, warranty - 18 months;
  • pluses: modern design;
  • Cons: a small area of ​​lighting.


The main advantage of overhead lights is space saving. Offered by Odeon Light ТМ (Italy) a modern laid-on light device from the Salar collection is suitable for small apartments:

  • name: Odeon Light Salar 2047 / 3C;
  • price: 6 593 r.;
  • characteristics: height - 170 mm, diameter - 400 mm, 3 40 W incandescent lamps with E14 cap, lighting area 2.7 sq. m, voltage - 220 V, chrome-plated metal fittings, brown glass cylindrical shade, IP degree of protection 20, warranty - 18 months;
  • Pros: any type of lamp will do;
  • Cons: not equipped with lamps.

Overhead ceiling lights by the Polish brand Nowodvorski from the Bubble Black collection will be able to decorate a high-tech kitchen. The presented option is made in black, has a stylish round ceiling:

  • name: Nowodvorski Bubble 6030;
  • price: 2 240 p.;
  • characteristics: height - 110 mm, diameter - 120 mm, GU10 cap, halogen lamp 35 W, lighting area - 1.9 sq. m, voltage - 220 V, degree of protection IP 20, 18 months warranty;
  • pluses: suitable for stretch ceilings;
  • Cons: a small area of ​​lighting.


The advantage of pendant lights is the ability to brightly illuminate different areas. The proposed TM MW-Light (Germany) lamp series Galatea is able to well illuminate an area of ​​more than 13 square meters:

  • name: MW-Light Galatea 452011104;
  • price: 10 520 r.;
  • characteristics: height - 1150 mm, diameter - 530 mm, chain length - 750 mm, 4 60 W incandescent bulbs, E27 base, metal fittings, gray round shade, degree of protection IP 20, 18 months warranty;
  • pluses: the light color of the appliance is suitable for a Provence style kitchen;
  • Cons: high price.

Lighting of the free-standing washing area and cooking surface or dining area is possible with several suspensions. Introduced by the brand Freya (Germany), such a lighting device has a bar with three pendant lights:

  • name: Freya Benoit FR2566-PL-33-WG;
  • price: 4 210 r .;
  • characteristics: width - 180 mm, height - 1150 mm, length - 690 mm, 3 60 W incandescent bulbs, lighting area - 10 sq. m, voltage - up to 230 V, metal fittings and shades, color - beige, degree of protection IP 20, 18 months warranty;
  • pluses: beige color is suitable for wooden classic kitchen interiors;
  • cons: not marked.


Modern hi-tech designs and kitchen sets in a minimalist style use different types of LED backlights as light sources. It can be pendant, overhead lights, spot or strip structures. The options offered by the Russian company Globo from the Marreo collection have a modern look, practical and economical:

  • name: LED Ceiling lamp Globo Marreo 41901-12;
  • price: 11 300 r .;
  • characteristics: height - 75 mm, diameter - 350 mm, LED base, 1 LED lamp 12 W, lighting area - 6 sq. m, metal fittings and shade in silver, degree of protection IP 20, 18 months warranty;
  • pluses: lamps are included;
  • Cons: high cost.

LED designs are lightweight. Easy to mount on any surface. The lamp from the Teya collection proposed by TM Eglo (Russia) is able to fully illuminate the surface of the countertop under the hinged shelf:

  • name: Eglo Teya 96081;
  • price: 3 990 r.;
  • characteristics: width - 55 mm, height - 25 mm, length - 600 mm, 1 LED lamp with a LED base for 8.1 W, lighting area - 4.1 sq. m, light output - 850 Lm, color temperature - 4000 K, voltage - up to 230 V, fittings - metal, shade - plastic, degree of protection IP 20, warranty - 18 months;
  • pluses: touch management;
  • Cons: not seen.


Alexander, 43 years. The advent of LED luminaires with bright LEDs of various designs, their low power consumption and good design make us reconsider our attitude to lighting. In the kitchen, instead of halogen lamps, I installed LED spotlights, and in the chandeliers with E27 sockets I screwed in LED lamps.
Svetlana, 32 years. The general style of the apartment in the classical style required the purchase of crystal chandeliers for all rooms, including the kitchen. Such a chandelier gives bright diffused light, under which it is easy to cook, and all dishes have a color, as in natural light. The sink, hob and countertop are illuminated by LED strip lights.
Igor, 38 years old. Our small kitchen is lit by an overhead lamp with bright LEDs and halogen bulbs in beautiful star-shaped mini-lights. There is a remote control for the ability to turn on the economical mode of blue LED backlighting, which adds comfort to the kitchen in the evening.

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