Winter and demi-season beige coat - what to wear and how to choose the right woman

The beige shade, like black, almost always remains popular. Beige coats are often included in the basic wardrobe. The product is found in different styles: classic cut and oversize cut are popular. The relevance of beige is due to successful compatibility with things of different colors. A neutral shade will help create a soft, feminine image, emphasize the elegance of a lady. Even with a minimum of imagination, using a beige coat, you can easily transform your appearance: play with bright, contrasting colors, apply different shades of beige, pastel.

How to wear a beige coat

Each fashionista is recommended to purchase a universal wardrobe item - a beige coat. It will always be in demand and will not go out of trend for a long time. Those who want to make the right choice need to consider several recommendations from stylists. Pay attention to the style:

  • For a figure in the shape of a "pear", purchase a pea-clot model or an A-silhouette variant with a high waist (it will distract attention from the heavy bottom, emphasize the fragility of the top).
  • If the shape is in the shape of an apple, then a product with a smell (visually slim the waist), things with color blocks, a coat-bell (distracts from the waist, slim), semi-fitted models with belts, clothes with asymmetry (hide imperfections) will do.
  • For a “rectangle” figure, buy a semi-fitted model that creates a feminine silhouette, gently emphasizing the waist, a peplum product, a bell coat, a tulip (add the missing volume),
  • Emphasize feminine shapes with the hourglass shape using semi-fitted things with a belt.
  • For the “inverted triangle” figure, buy things flared to the bottom (create harmony between the top and bottom), a coat with a peplum (will distract attention from broad shoulders).

Choose the shade of the item that suits your color type. The tone should set off the color of your skin without merging with it:

  • Ladies with the spring color type are suitable for beige and pink models.
  • For skin type "autumn" choose light beige things, options with an orange tint.
  • Lady with the winter color type is suitable for brownish, gray-beige clothing.
  • For the summer color type, buy beige-peach items.

When choosing a product, consider the style. When creating a romantic or classic look, use elegant tight-fitting models with large collars and lapels. Business ladies will suit strict fitted coats or products of a direct silhouette. For walks around the city, choose free styles: "bat" or in the style of military.

It is worth mentioning a combination of shades: red, chocolate, black, and blue are suitable for beige. Feel free to use monochrome combinations: things of different shades of beige, brown, sand color. Here are some successful ensembles:

  • An elegant, elegant look will help to create a beige and pink coat. Pick things in cold colors for him: purple dresses, blue, pinkish, gray skirts, trousers, shoes and hats.
  • Beige and gray outerwear is a great option for creating a business look. It can be combined with suits, dresses, skirts, jumpers in warm colors. For contrast, use navy skinny pants, a black sweater, shoes, boots and a bag in black or gray.
  • For blue and brown outerwear, pick up blue jeans, things of red, white, milk, purple shades. A great addition will be a sweater, a striped jacket, dresses or sweaters with prints. Looks good clothes, bag, leopard scarf colors.
  • The trend is a blue-beige product (often sleeves, the bottom is made of beige fabric, a collar, a belt, and trim is made of blue). As a complement, use tall brown gloves, chocolate-colored boots, elegant beige hats, scarves, scarves or knitted hats.
  • To create a gentle look, a light coat is suitable. Almost all pure colors are suitable for it: red, coral, green, white, black, blue, blue, brown. Use things in a cage, strip.

Take a closer look at the rules for using things in different styles. This will help to avoid mistakes, add originality and extraordinary appearance:

  1. When choosing things for a business style, stay strict. A beige coat will become a highlight of the look, making it fresh and attractive.
  2. Youth bow - the use of contrasts. With the help of beige color, you can restrain the brightness of some elements of the wardrobe.
  3. When drawing up a romantic image, use flying skirts, light dresses in delicate colors: mint, vanilla, turquoise, vanilla.

For classic style, use women's pumps, sophisticated ankle boots, boots or over the knee boots with a tight boot. Wear outdoor sportswear, graceful sneakers, slip-on sneakers, deep-tone gym shoes with floral or geometric prints for a walk. Almost all models of outerwear fit shoes on a massive flat or curved platform.


Often fashionistas are interested in which scarf will suit a beige coat. The accessory can make up an autumn, spring, winter image. When choosing a scarf for a beige coat, pay attention to the material of the accessory: wool, acrylic, silk, cotton are often used. Complete the look with a scarf of neutral tones: milk, chocolate, sand, cream. Ladies who want to attract attention should choose bright colors: red, emerald, cobalt, orange, blue, white, black. The last two shades are relevant for going to work, business meetings.

If in doubt about which color to give preference, then choose scarves to match the coat. Often buy accessories mustard, red, sand shades. Scarves decorated with a neutral ornament: a cage, a strip will suit to outerwear with a minimalist cut, a calm finish. A leopard scarf is suitable for beige outerwear: keep in mind that with this accessory you should emphasize the look.


There are winter and demi-season hats. Complement autumn-spring, winter images with sets of hats, scarves, gloves. The hat to the beige coat is selected in the colors of eggplant, chocolate, emerald, burgundy, turquoise. For a business, strict appearance, sets of shades of wet asphalt, graphite, black, brown are suitable. If you doubt the choice of a hat, then feel free to buy models in black and white without any unnecessary details. It is worth bringing a few successful combinations:

  • The knitted hat should be miniature, there may be embroidery, rhinestones, brooch, fur. Get black, beige, sand, white models. Remember that the accessory should not be sporty, it is not advisable to buy ear-flaps, with buboes.
  • You can choose a fur hat in black or the color of a coat. Good looking red, milky, beige, brown tones. The shape of the hat should be classic, and the hat-kubanka will do.
  • If a beret is selected, then ideally it should be made of the same material as the coat. Buy a hat in a classic style, wear it back or to the side.
  • Some ladies prefer to wear hats when the weather is not too cold. They come in black, brown, deep blue, with large or small fields.

A bag

This accessory is one of the main in every woman’s wardrobe. With it, you can make interesting accents. Choose a bag, taking into account the following recommendations:

  • A black accessory is suitable for almost all looks: select for dark and light shades of clothing. To complement use shoes, boots, black.
  • Carry bags, suede shoes. For beige outerwear, pick up suede bags of brown, black, burgundy, red shades.
  • Carry dark or light brown bags.
  • Choose accessories based on the style of the image: for the classic style, purchase small refined bags in a vintage style, and volumetric bags are combined with modern coat models.
  • It is not recommended to choose white bags; give preference to milky, slightly "dirty" (yellowish) shades.

Looks with a beige coat

Before choosing clothes, study photos of popular personalities with interesting images. Common models are:

  1. coat with fur;
  2. products with a hood;
  3. long coats;
  4. clothes to the knee;
  5. coat with short sleeves.

Complement your look with black ankle boots, colored tights, bags, leather trousers, leggings, jeans, warm knitted sweaters, and light short dresses. For a casual look, black, navy, blue, plum, burgundy flared jeans, skinny, boyfriends are suitable. For the top, use milk-colored jumpers, black longsleeve, and a denim shirt. A festive bow - a beige coat, a pleated skirt with a floral print or a flowing dress, red suede wedge shoes or ankle boots.

With fur

The hit of the season is a product with a beautiful soft and fluffy finish. There are both winter and demi-season models. When choosing, give preference to products decorated with dark fur of natural color on collars and pockets. Choose clothes of a sandy or pinkish shade. Combine it with:

  1. flared coffee-colored trousers, light shade of dark asphalt blouse, large bracelets, voluminous strict bag, heeled ankle boots or platform shoes;
  2. a black sheath dress, black or milk leather knee-high boots (if the coat is just above the knee), a voluminous black bag;
  3. blue skinny jeans, leopard-high heels, a white blouse.


Non-standard models are those that go with hoods. This element transforms almost any style, looks attractive with dark inserts made of textured materials (for example, often the hood is decorated with quilted leather details). Straight and flared styles can be supplemented with leather loops. If there is a hood, then do not wear a stole or voluminous scarf, because in many cases the hood covers the neck well. In order for the image to be holistic and harmonious, complement the outerwear with a hood:

  1. black short fitted dress, transparent tights, black ankle boots.
  2. half boots, leather tight pants.
  3. tight-fitting boots, boots (if the coat is short - to the hip).

To the knee

The classic model includes products that reach the knee: the length is slightly lower or higher than the knees. Popular models are trench coats, overcoats, oversized products. Options that reach the knees are worn with skirts and dresses, trousers, jeans. Complement the look with high boots, high heel ankle boots, clutches, long strap bags. Feel free to combine:

  1. a pink sweater, a handbag on a long chain strap of the same color, blue skinny jeans, black high-heeled shoes or ankle boots.
  2. a large knit cream hat, a striped black and pink scarf, a brown backpack, loose cropped blue jeans, black shoes on the soles.
  3. pink boots just below the knees, skinny blue jeans, a voluminous striped brown and white bag, a light gray longsleeve, and a dark gray scarf.


Fashion does not stand still, constantly brings interesting new products to people's lives. Long coats of light nude colors became popular. Combine it with pink or pastel sweaters, blouses, skirts, dresses. Soft cashmere products can be worn on all girls. Due to the softness of the material, clothes will look like a win-win on any figure.

Long outerwear is especially suitable for those who like to wear long skirts and dresses. A great option in this case is a fitted A-silhouette coat. For contrast, wear light wardrobe items over dark items. A monophonic bow will be a stylish solution: the elements may differ slightly in tone, often different cold or warm shades are combined.

To always look your best, consider a few fashionable bows. Combinations of long coats that are worth taking note of:

  1. Use a black midi dress - it will help to create a stylish and relaxed look. Complement it with elegant half-boots with heels, a clutch on a long strap or a messenger bag to match the shoes.
  2. If you like a manly and brutal look, then for the city, use black sweatpants, flat shoes, a backpack in the style of casual, a large watch.
  3. Complement the soft cashmere coat with a pinkish tint, white skinny jeans, white longsleeve, and pink aviator glasses (use in clear weather when it is relatively warm outside). Jeans can be replaced with leggings or tight-fitting trousers, wear leather chocolate-colored ankle boots on your legs. A brown bag will complete this ensemble.


Fashionistas will appreciate loose items with short sleeves. As a rule, such models look elegant and easy. On sale you can find a spectacular option in a cage or Christmas tree. Complement the look:

  1. transparent tights, elegant stilettos or ankle boots;
  2. straight cropped trousers or skinny jeans, flat shoes, turtleneck, headwear in the color of trousers, a strict, business bag;
  3. tights with an interesting ornament, ankle boots or boots, a sheath dress.


Often there are models in casual style with a strict cut in the form of long jackets. The hem has an asymmetric finish. An oversized coat is a casual wardrobe item. Wear it at work, study, business meetings, a walk around the city. Wear knitted hats, comfortable casual shoes, and jeans. Lovers of all non-standard fit cropped trousers, a sweater with a voluminous collar or collar-collar that peeks out from under the outer clothing. Stylists advise choosing a loose coat:

  1. black leather skinny trousers, black suede high-heeled ankle boots, a thin knit cap, turquoise or emerald longsleeve, a black bag with short handles;
  2. skinny blue jeans, a classic white shirt, a small handbag on a long strap or a clutch, glasses and a large watch;
  3. white skinny jeans, black leather boots or ankle boots, black scarf, white shirt.

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