Aerator for the mixer - device functions, how to choose according to type, material of manufacture and cost

Smart people have come up with a device that saves water and does not reduce its flow. The aerator for the mixer (diffuser, sprayer) is not just a mesh filter, but a very convenient nozzle. Men and women who consider it unnecessary think erroneously. What is the device and why do knowledgeable housewives seek to acquire it?

What is an aerator in a mixer?

The water divider on the tap is a small nozzle mounted on the spout. The aerator body is made of plastic, pressed metal, ceramic or brass, inside there is a plastic module with a filter system and a rubber / silicone gasket. Without these nets, the water consumption can be 15 liters per minute, with them the rate is almost halved.


All modern faucets are equipped with diffusers. In addition to saving water, the aerator contributes to:

  • improving the quality of the jet - without a spray, the spray flies in different directions, the pressure is too strong and sometimes difficult to adjust;
  • saturating water with oxygen and reducing the concentration of active chlorine;
  • purification of water from large particles;
  • noise reduction during mixer operation.

Principle of operation

Mesh in the housing are placed in a certain sequence. The first two from the inside direct a stream of water and perform the function of a coarse filter. External grids are equipped with holes of the same or different sizes, through which air is sucked in and mixed with water. As a result, a foamy, milky-colored stream leaves the central hole. With good water quality, the metal nozzle needs to be changed every year or less (depending on the quality of the spray), poor water requires more frequent updates. Once every few months, the diffuser must be cleaned.

Types of aerators for mixers

The simplest sprayer for a faucet is a small round nozzle with metal mesh that is attached to the faucet nozzle with a thread (screwed in). A standard sprayer comes with any mixer. Over time, it must be replaced with a model with a similar external or internal thread. If you want to buy an aerator on the crane "with options", look at the following types.


Still such aerators are called flexible. The appearance of the device is different:

  • In the form of a flexible hose, which is mounted on the spout of the mixer. The design regulates the strength of the water flow, provides the ability to draw water into large containers that do not melt under the spout.
  • In the form of a shower. The sprayer is equipped with movable watering cans, so it moves within the sink. It works in two modes: spray or spray. The hostess can easily adjust the slope of the watering cans and the intensity of the water flow.


Technology does not stand still, and leading manufacturers of sanitary ware present unusual models. Aerator for the tap with LEDs colors the water jet depending on the temperature:

  • up to 29 ° С - green;
  • 30-38 ° C - blue;
  • more than 39 ° C - red.

This is possible due to the presence of temperature sensors inside. A special nozzle for the mixer does not require additional sources of electricity, it is autonomous. The rotation of the integrated turbine feeds the LED bulbs. Maximum working temperature: + 60 ° C. A backlit water aerator is convenient when there is a small child in the house - you can immediately see by the color of the stream what temperature range it is in. Also, a bright jet will interest the baby and make swimming more joyful. The device looks especially attractive in the interior of the Art Nouveau and high-tech style.


If you want to reduce water consumption by more than half, choose a vacuum device. In Moscow, they are found in almost every good plumbing store. The price of nozzles is much higher than that of conventional models, but it quickly pays off. Buying an aerator to save water is an excellent solution, because the vacuum system makes the consumption very low (1.1 l / min.). Models are equipped with a special valve, which compresses the water to further release a powerful jet.

Mixer aerator

A variety of models are sold in online stores: cheap plastic and expensive premium brass / ceramic. It is possible to buy an aerator for the mixer on the net, only it is necessary to choose the diameter of the thread correctly. From the photo you determine whether the product will suit you externally or not, and according to the characteristics, evaluate the capabilities of the aerator. If everything suits you, you can order the goods. The cost of the sprayer is most likely to be lower than in real stores, but mail delivery often exceeds the price of the product itself.

Timo Cobra SV-10

Timo has been manufacturing plumbing products for many years. The product is developed and manufactured in Finland, is of high quality. Model Cobra SV-10 is popular among users. Features of this aerator for mixer:

  • Price: 481-990 p.
  • Characteristics: two operating modes - a jet and a watering can, material brass, color chrome. Rigid eyeliner, connection diameter 1/2 ". Designed for faucets with external thread. 5 year warranty.
  • Pros: easy installation, easy operation, excellent quality, several operating modes. If you get to a stock or a sale, you can buy a product relatively cheaply.
  • Cons: not found.

Kaiser - M16

The nozzle-aerator on the crane from the German manufacturer is as simple as possible, but of high quality. The filter nets do their job perfectly - they retain large impurities and mix water with air. On sale, the product is common, it is not in short supply. Features of the Kaiser M16 model:

  • Price: 46-59 p.
  • Features: a small aerator made of brass, coated with chrome. 3/8 "female thread. Suitable for Kaiser 11055/50 faucets.
  • Pros: sleek design, good quality, low cost.
  • Cons: the aerator is designed for just two mixers, the mesh quickly clogs.

Remer m28

The Italian holding company has been producing high quality goods since 1965. Consumers loved Remer plumbing due to optimal prices and comfortable operation. The presented aerator is not intended for a kitchen faucet, but for a bath. Description of the Remer M28 device (model 84):

  • Price: 239-277 p.
  • Product specifications: nozzle body made of chrome-plated brass, mesh material - stainless steel. The inner part is represented by heavy-duty innovative plastic. Male thread M28.
  • Pros: simple design, reliable aeration system, robust housing and high-quality internal filling, save up to 15% in water consumption.
  • Cons: not found.

How to choose an aerator for a mixer

The most important thing is not to make a mistake with the diameter of the product and the method of fastening. There are models with internal and external threads. The first have a diameter of 22 mm, the second - 24 mm. If you have an exclusive faucet, choose an aerator specifically for it (for example, for a rectangular or figured spout). Leading manufacturers produce aerators suitable for specific models. It happens that the mixer is not equipped with a thread, then it is necessary to replace it.

A significant role in the choice is played by the material of manufacture. Aerators are made from such raw materials:

  • Chrome plated stainless steel. The metal case is cheap, but it quickly collapses under the influence of water and impurities.
  • Plastic. Aerators are optimal in terms of performance and price. However, they are not very aesthetic; not every interior is written out.
  • Non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze). Expensive, but the best for mixers.
  • Ceramics. Durable and high quality, the most expensive. The internal parts of the aerator are made of ceramics, and the body is made of non-ferrous metals.

The quality of this device directly affects its performance and durability. Very good companies producing aerators, faucets and plumbing in general: Oras, Timo (Finland), Grohe (Germany), Jacob Delafon (France). The average cost of products is 6-8 dollars, but the service life is long - 7-10 years. The diffusers of these companies have earned the best customer reviews.


Lisa, 27 years old. I didn’t know about such a device before, I thought that it was an ordinary filter. I unscrewed it, but after a month I noticed that out of the blue, more water began to be consumed. Told her husband, he did not immediately realize what was happening. I installed the aerator, and everything became as before. The difference in flow is very noticeable - the spray does not fly so much, the jet is softer to the touch.
Artyom, 32 years old All of these faucet aerators are an advertising move. It is hardly believed that a little thing with holes can halve the expense. I have built-in aerators everywhere, but I did not notice much savings (there used to be simple mixers). Yes, it’s nice to wash your hands, and water does not fly in all directions. On this all the charm of the diffuser ends.
Sveta, 36 years old. I like the watering can for the mixer. It does not save, but expands the capabilities of the tap; in the "shower" mode, the flow can be at an angle. It is pleasant to wash the dishes under the milk stream. There is a drawback - the length of the spout of the faucet has increased, which is why it is inconvenient to put high pots and a bottle in the sink. From a slight movement of the hand, the jet turns, which is also not always necessary.
Larisa, 28 years old. They took a backlit aerator to create a special atmosphere. The kids really liked the faucet with bright water! Previously, they did not want to wash their hands after the street, now in the bathroom I turn off the lights and turn on the water. The guys are happy to splash around. I did not notice any more advantages in the nozzle; there is no talk of a declared reduction in water consumption.

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