Glasses for swimming: how to choose the best

When planning to go swimming, especially sports, take seriously the choice of appropriate accessories. One of them is an adult or children's swimming goggles Arena, Speedo and other equally well-known brands. It is important to choose the right product, as how much your classes will be comfortable depends on this. The first prototypes of such goggles appeared long ago - it is known that in the 16th century, Persian divers used products made from polished tortoise shells for snorkeling.

What are swimming goggles

Such eye protection, depending on the characteristics, is divided into two broad categories - professional and amateur. It was first officially authorized at the Olympic Games in Montreal (1976). The primary purpose of this type of accessory was to keep an air gap under the surface of the water. It consists of plastic lenses with suction cups on the frame, connected by a nose bridge - they are attached to the head with an elastic band. In addition, this protection prevents the unwanted ingress of chlorinated water.


Depending on the design, starting and training models are distinguished. The first are designed for competition - they have a streamlined shape that provides low resistance during movements in the water, improving hydrodynamic properties. They are notable for their small size, tight fit, thin sealant (may be absent). Training glasses have wider lenses and a regular cast frame.

By age and gender, products for adults and children, male and female, are distinguished. There are optical glasses with the same and different diopters for lovers and professional swimmers with low vision. There is a classification according to the color of lenses (glasses), which can be colorless, gray, blue, yellow / orange, black, etc. Separately, you can highlight accessories with protection from ultraviolet rays. In addition, glasses of this type are divided into products with silicone sealant, made of sponge neoprene, and thermoplastic rubber.

Best swimming goggles

If you are planning to buy swimming goggles for synchronized swimming lessons or regular pastimes in a pond, pay attention to the company. One of the most popular manufacturers is Arena (France), which sells products with high tightness, not causing an allergic reaction, with UV protection. Another company offering models with a comfortable fit and design is Beco (Germany). Such brands as the Japanese Tabata and the Italian Mosconi are quite popular.

Goggles for children

When choosing the optimal product with an unregulated or adjustable nose bridge, you need to take into account the shape of the face, the presence of protection against glare, bright sun, fogging of glasses, UV rays and some other factors. Selected products must have a secure fit, be safe, especially if you are looking for swimming goggles for a child. Children's products are small in size, relatively soft frame and a very bright color scheme. One of the product categories:

  • model name: Spider Junior by Arena;

  • price: 690 r.;
  • Characteristics: for children 6-12 years old, lenses - polycarbonate, strap - made of silicone;
  • Pros: protection against fogging of lenses, UV rays;
  • cons: no.

Another great workout option with clear lenses and a snug fit to your face. Its soft shutter is made of softil:

  • name: Aqua Sphere KAYENNE JUNIOR;

  • price: 1580 r.;
  • characteristics: viewing angle - 180 °, the lenses are made of plexisol, the frame is transparent with a yellow insert;
  • pluses: good visibility, tight fit;
  • Cons: costs more than analogues.

For swimming in the pool

On sale you can find products with both self-adjusting and adjustable, as well as removable nose bridge. You can order stylish glasses for the pool in any specialized store. Consider as many offers as possible, because some companies conduct promotions and sales, selling products at discounts. A good purchase can be a product:

  • model name: Joss;

  • price: 499 p.;
  • characteristics: unisex, anti-fog coating, lens material - polycarbonate, frames and strap - silicone;
  • pluses: are cheap, do not let water pass;
  • cons: a little inconvenient to adjust the strap.

The next fashionable and stylish option, designed for women. Special technology provides excellent 180 ° visibility:

  • name: Aqua Sphere "Kaiman Exo Lady";

  • price: 1459 p.;
  • specifications: package weight - 110 g, lenses - curved, materials - softil, plexisol;
  • pluses: glasses do not fog up, 100% protection against UV radiation;
  • cons: a little expensive.

For open water

When planning to buy swimming goggles in an online store with mail delivery, make sure that the model you choose protects against UV rays and glare. If you are an experienced swimmer, then pay attention to the option with hard lenses, in which the environment is better visible. For beginners, products with soft lenses and enhanced visibility may be appropriate. When choosing a soft or hard landing, be guided by your own feelings, trying on a couple of options. Double Strap Swimming Goggles:

  • model name: TYR Tracer Racing;

  • price: 1290 p.;
  • characteristics: lenses are protected from UV radiation, treated with antifog, sealant is made of soft rubber, lenses are low-profile;
  • pluses: in a set there are 4 replaceable arches for adjustment;
  • cons: no.

Product with durable glass and UV filter. It provides complete protection against glare and bright light:

  • name: Kayenne Mirror by Aqua Sphere;

  • price: 2090 p.;
  • Characteristics: Plexisole wide mirror lenses, soft seal, Quick-Fit adjustable strap;
  • pluses: fit snugly and comfortably, sealed housing;
  • cons: a little expensive.

For diving

When planning to order a mask with light lenses or glasses of a different color in Moscow, St. Petersburg or another city in the country, look at the options that may be suitable for diving. It is very important that they sit on the face, ensuring maximum tightness. That is, not a drop of water should penetrate into them. A good purchase for you will be a product with flat lenses on a rigid frame:

  • model name: Seac Sonic;

  • price: 1935 r.;
  • characteristics: review - 180 °, lenses - unbreakable with protection against UV rays, anti-fog coating, high-quality silicone skirt;
  • pluses: comfortable fit, durability, scratch protection;
  • Cons: a bit pricey.

Another great option with flat glasses on a rigid frame, like a diving mask. This ensures excellent visibility without distortion:

  • name: Cressi Galileo;

  • price: 2399 p.;
  • characteristics: a strap with a quick adjustment system, the lenses are flat, unbreakable, there is UV protection, a waterproof seal;
  • pluses: tightness, reliability;
  • cons: cost.

In the sea

If some are looking for masks for swimming in the pool or for a professional career in a particular water sport, then others are looking for swimming in the sea. They must be durable, provide a good overview. An interesting option can be a mask or a half mask. One of the products of the category with easy setup and wide lenses is the products from China:

  • model name: TYR Magna Swim Mask;

  • price: 2060 r.;
  • characteristics: color - blue, lenses - transparent, materials - plastic, silicone;
  • pluses: a clear overview, UV protection, comfortable fit;
  • Cons: bright colors that will not suit everyone.

Another product with a single color design, which is perfect for a beach holiday or for training in the pool. There is a measurement scale on the strap, more details:

  • name: Speedo Aquapulse MAX 2;

  • price: 2150 p.;
  • characteristics: color - gray, glass - transparent, straps - double made of silicone;
  • pluses: soft, comfortable fit;
  • Cons: far from the most affordable cost.


Products of this type are intended for professional athletes participating in various competitions. Putting them on, you need to forget about maximum comfort. Athletes prefer to train in them in order to quickly get used to their tight fit. The soft border that fits in the area around the eyes is in most cases either very thin or absent. One of the options with a beautiful curved obturator shape:

  • model name: Cobra Core Mirror;

  • price: 3050 p.;
  • characteristics: for training and starts, the lenses are mirrored, the material is polycarbonate, silicone, the nose is replaceable;
  • pluses: double strap, increased visibility, protection against UV radiation;
  • cons: high cost.

Another good option with a low profile design. It is designed specifically for professional athletes:

  • name: Arena Tracks Mirror (black);

  • price: 1336 p.;
  • characteristics: color - black, glass material - polycarbonate, strap and seal - silicone, replaceable nose bridge;
  • pluses: double well adjustable strap, comfortable fit;
  • Cons: Not very comfortable in low light conditions.

Starting points

This type of accessory is chosen to participate in competitions. The model has good hydrodynamics due to the streamlined shape, which reduces drag while moving in water. The rigidity of the fit ensures that the product does not move during start-up. The nose bridge is in most cases removable. The main thing in the starting version is rigidity, hydrodynamics, and not comfort. To find out how much swimming goggles of this type cost, check out the items below:

  • model name: MadWave "Turbo Racer II";

  • price: 899 p.;
  • characteristics: color - yellow, black, material - polycarbonate, silicone;
  • pluses: 3 replaceable nose bridge for tuning, low cost;
  • cons: sweating without treatment.

Another starting model with a hydrodynamic shape. It is intended for professionals:

  • name: MADWAVE Liquid Racing Mirror Transparent;

  • price: 1010 r.;
  • Characteristics: made of silicone, polycarbonate, have a double silicone strap, glass - mirror;
  • pluses: multistage adjustable nose bridge, protection against UV rays, fogging;
  • cons: no.


Products with a seal made of sponge neoprene are very popular. This material is hypoallergenic, almost leaving no residue around the eyes, which is very important for people with sensitive skin. True, the fit to the face of these masks is somewhat less compared to other types. For high comfort you will have to pay with poor fixation and worse tightness. For swimming you can buy:

  • model name: ARENA Zoom Neoprene;

  • price: 890 p.;
  • characteristics: level - training, lenses - blue, frame - black, material - polycarbonate, silicone, there is UV protection;
  • pluses: adjustable nose bridge, reasonable cost;
  • Cons: not very good tightness.

Those who are looking for a neoprene-framed water accessory for a child need to take a closer look at Joss products. The goods described below belong to the budget category:

  • name: Joss YJ3009990;

  • price: 429 p.;
  • characteristics: glass - made of polycarbonate, the frame - made of neoprene, the strap - made of silicone, there is a UFA filter;
  • pluses: low cost;
  • Cons: tightness, fixation.


Currently fashionable are mask glasses equipped with mirror lenses. They add a certain “zest” to products, protect the athlete’s eyes from glare, bright sun. In them, your eyes will be hidden from others. This type of accessory is perfect for those who like to swim in open water, for example, during a beach holiday. Inexpensive purchase for swimming will be:

  • model name: Turbo Racer II Rainbow;

  • price: 990 r.;
  • characteristics: mirror coating, low-profile shutter, 3 options for fixing the nasal septum, polycarbonate chameleon lenses;
  • pluses: double-fitting elastic strap;
  • cons: no.

A good option for mirror-purple glasses in black frames. It is great for professional athletes:

  • name: ARENA Tracks Mirror;

  • price: 1190 r.;
  • characteristics: materials - polycarbonate, silicone; glass color - mirror violet;
  • pluses: convenience, double strap;
  • cons: no.

Mask glasses

In addition to the options described above, there are so-called mask glasses. They cover most of the swimmer’s face, suitable not only for swimming in an artificial reservoir. This type of product is considered very comfortable, because leaves no strong marks, like many other models. An excellent acquisition for swimming with rounded edges of the obturator can be:

  • model name: VIEW Xtreme V-1000;

  • price: 1800 r .;
  • Features: UV protection, shutter with silicone strap, frame and polycarbonate lenses;
  • pluses: stylish, clear overview;
  • cons: cost.

Small, lightweight masked goggles designed for swimming. It is noteworthy that they are created using SpeedoBioFUS technology.

  • name: Speedo Rift;

  • price: 2390 r.;
  • Characteristics: Seal out of silicone, glasses have an antifog coating, soft landing.
  • pluses: ease of setup, comfortable sitting;
  • cons: cost.


The problem of fogging glasses in swimming goggles is one of the main problems that swim enthusiasts face. Manufacturers offer a choice of a wide range of products, on the inside of the glass of which they apply a special agent called antifog. To keep it longer, do not touch the inside, do not allow direct exposure to sunlight. As an option you can buy:

  • model name: Speedo Futura Biofuse;

  • price: 1570 r .;
  • specifications: blue lenses - made of plastic, frame - silicone, soft seal, flexible frame, AntiFog;
  • pluses: excellent visibility, good quality;
  • Cons: more expensive than analogues.

In the market there are many democratic in terms of the cost of swimming goggles. An excellent purchase will be:

  • name: Larsen DK6;

  • price: 940 p.;
  • Characteristics: polycarbonate lenses, frame - TPE, high-quality AntiFog silicone, UV protection;
  • pluses: reasonable cost;
  • Cons: simple design.


Glasses, the seal of which leaves no residue around the eyes, gained great popularity. It is made of sponge neoprene in them. As mentioned above, such products have the worst tightness. They are rare in this case. The swimming products described below have interchangeable bow arches in three sizes and a double strap with a stretch scale:

  • model name: Speedo Fastskin 3 Elite Mirror;

  • price: 4590 r .;
  • characteristics: mirror coating, protection against UV rays and glare, 3D-seal IQ Fit Seal;
  • pluses: soft pillows, comfortable, no traces left;
  • cons: are expensive.

Another option with a 3D sealant, which is firmly attached to the skin and does not let water through, leaves no residue:

  • name: Speedo Fastskin Prime Mirror;

  • price: 6900 r.;
  • characteristics: mirror coating, protection against UV rays and glare, materials - polycarbonate, rubber (thermoplastic), silicone;
  • pluses: leave no traces, excellent hydrodynamics;
  • Cons: high cost.

Diopter goggles

Some demand for models with diopters, which may have interchangeable lenses. Glass in them, in addition to their basic functions, contribute to improving the clarity of perception of surrounding parts by people who have certain vision problems. There are universal models with diopters for swimming, which are designed for both beach relaxation and training:

  • model name: Speedo Mariner Optical;

  • price: 2190 p.;
  • characteristics: adjustable nose bridge, soft sealant, antifog treatment, UV protection, materials - polycarbonate, thermoplastic rubber;
  • Pros: suitable for different types of faces;
  • cons: a little expensive.

For people with low vision there are many inexpensive options for swimming. One of them are points:

  • name: Malmsten Optical Googles;

  • price: 830 r.;
  • characteristics: glass - polycarbonate, sealant, strap - silicone, anti-fog anti-fog;
  • pluses: quickly and easily assembled, is inexpensive;
  • Cons: with diopters only 1 glass.

How to choose glasses for swimming

Choose between amateur and professional glasses. The latter are often not very comfortable. Decide between the adult (male and female) and the children's option. Pay attention to the bridge of the nose, which is adjustable, unregulated, self-adjusting and replaceable. The latter option is popular in professional products. It is advisable that the glasses have antifog and UV protection, especially if you plan to swim in the open water. Choose between transparent, slightly darkened and colored lenses.


review name = "

Anastasia, 30 years old "content =" When choosing the right glasses for her son, who decided to go swimming, she chose Speedo Jet Junior. I bought them for only 550 rubles. They turned out to be not only inexpensive, but also convenient and of high quality. The adjustable nasal septum is suitable for various face types. No cons have been identified yet. "

Egor, 26 years old. I ordered a Joss model for visiting the pool on the Internet. I note lenses with a mirror coating, a reliable fit, good fixation, and protection from UV radiation. When wearing, they practically do not feel any discomfort. True, the glasses fog up a little from time to time, but not in view of the low cost I do not consider this a big minus.
Anton, 31 years old. Among the available assortment after a short election, he preferred Arena Nimesis products. Flexible and wide lenses provide excellent visibility. Silicone seal leaves a minimum of prints. There is an antifog coating, protection against UV rays. Suitable for both men and women. The cost is far from the most affordable.

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